Edging is used in training of the submissive and fuck toys.

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Edging is something the trainer really should consider in fact you as the trainer should set up a good edging schedule. In this (hopefully) continuing series of posts I’m discussing  the techniques I use for slut/bimbo training - both online and in person. I’ve seen nothing in the past few years of applying these techniques and evolving the methods to dispute this - edging is the single most effective tool available for turning willing female subjects into fuck addict . I know that a lot of doms and trainers use edging now, but I’ve long concluded that it needs to be done in a specific way to actually make it work.
What follows is a collection of thoughts and observations after using this technique on a number of subjects over the past years. I should note right now that I am old school and would use punishment as and when. Do me a favour and don’t message me to tell me how stupid my conclusions are? This works - very, VERY well - that’s all I really care about.
Where did edging come from?
I was a staunch believer that orgasm denial was a dead end when it came to slut training women. I figured that it was a better idea to literally drown the body in orgasms to the point where continuing the flow of them became an overwhelming need… didn’t work well


What effects can it have?

You can break down the effects of edging into 2 broad categories - the physical and the mental.
The physical ones are much easier to measure (for obvious reasons). Pretty much every subject gets progressively wetter and wetter on a constant basis. After a number of weeks I’ve seen repeated reports of girls getting so wet that they wake up in a puddle of their own cum, or discover it oozing out of them during the day, to the point of it running - copiously in some cases - down their legs.

Edging also encourages almost continual flexing of the muscles in the area which will tend to make subjects much tighter and able to exert more muscle control. The constant stimulation also means that their cunt and especially their clit become exceptionally sensitive.
The sensitivity seems to spread to cover all the erogenous zones as well - lips, neck, breasts, back, ass and inner thighs all seem to become significantly more sensitive and arousing. In a few cases  subjects report that areas that previously brought no pleasure at all become sensitive to the point of promoting near-orgasms. Orgasms become much easier to obtain under the right circumstances as well. Virtually all subjects report that they can cum on command, or with a minimal amount of penetration or stimulation from others. Orgasms become much more intense as well -  many reports of cumming so hard that the subject passes out. In some cases subjects start to idly edge even in public as it become habitual.
The mental changes are harder to quantify. Universally there is a progressive drift to having all idle or default thoughts center around fucking, cock and cum. This leads to an apparent difficulty concentrating on other things. Subjects appear distracted in many instances, drifting easily back to sexual thoughts and away from mundane things. This focus on fucking means that they also tend to become progressively less inhibited over time - more easily discussing sexual topics openly, flirting more heavily and aggressively, dressing to please and so on. Markedly more sexual dreams seem to also occur frequently, especially concerning fetishes and interests which were more borderline or extreme to the subject in the past - many start having rape fantasies on a protracted basis, for example. Subjects generally become more pliant and obedient as well, although this usually takes a few weeks to set it, after the initial period of adjustment has occurred. A noticeable dependence on the trainer also occurs in most cases. Most importantly, most subjects report a feeling of emptiness that’s quite blissful - a lack of conscious thought and ‘zoning out’ that is very bimbo-like.
Over an extended period, the preoccupation with all things sexual leads to full blown sex addiction and apparent nymphomania, but it seems to NOT include the negative aspects normally associated with addiction. All subjects seem happy, content and excited to be useful.

Why does it work?


A lot of this is speculative of course, but I believe that edging works in part because of the enforced habit of it. Subjects quickly become used to almost constantly giving themselves stimulation to the point where the body comes to expect it. The habit of touching themselves leads to a psychological expectation of constant arousal, and so even when it’s taken away they will tend to stay very turned on.
The other factor is actually physical. In doing this, subjects are constantly flooding their bodies with all the fun pleasure responses and hormones that are produced and that level is kept pretty intense at all times. this leads to the body starting to acquire a new baseline for the standard level of hormones and arousal that it experiences. You’re basically raising the bar to a higher level so that your body starts to automatically stay that horny and turned on ALL the time. Now, it is still an artificial level, so removing the stimulus will allow it to return to its natural point over time. However, the habitual component makes this very difficult to do in practice because it just becomes too easy to slide your hand between your legs and make everything feel better


Firstly, edging (by itself) will NOT make you dumb. It will make you concentrate on fucking, cock and cum, but it won’t actually reduce your intelligence.. You may end up appearing distracted and a little ditzy because it takes some effort to make you mind work in other directions. But  it’s still capable of doing it, but the natural way it wants to go will be sexual.
Secondly, cumming by itself does not make edging pointless. Think of edging as building a dam in front of the natural accumulation of sexul tension. Normally you cum to release this. By damming it up though, it builds and builds and builds till there is a massive pressure behind the dam. When you cum you don’t remove the dam, instead you allow a small amount of water to be released - which it will naturally do at much higher pressure than before. Now, if you came a LOT then eventually all the pressure would be released, but if you’re edging consistently around the times you manage to cum (by being fucked for example) then the pressure is always replaced. You’d need to stop edging and cum repeatedly to remove the effects.


Doing it in practice - Rules, Schedule and Flexibility

Ok, so after reading all this you may now think ‘Edging is for me!’, so how do we do this in practice?
1) Realise that doing this and getting results takes a real investment of time and effort. You can’t just edge a few times a day and expect results. On average I have subjects edge 12-15 times a day.
2) This will be a lot easier if you have reasonable privacy at home (or live with people who won’t care/will get turned on). It’s also easier if your job allows you to be able to take short breaks on a frequent basis.
3) You need something that allows you to keep a regular schedule. An alarm in your cellphone is a very good tool.
4) Do NOT penetrate yourself when you edge. It should be almost entirely from clitoral stimulation. Part of what you’re doing is trying to make that hole as tight, wet and enjoyable as possible. Don’t go shoving things in there for your own pleasure. Toys are fine, so long as they are used outside. The only things that should be going in your hole from now on are other peoples fingers, tongues and cocks. If someone wants to watch you fuck yourself, that’s fine too - but it can’t be because you want it.
Yes, anal penetration is fine.
Clear on that? Then here’s the standard schedule -
When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is edge (Yes, you can pee first). Edge for 30 minutes before you get up. Then set an alarm for 1 hour later.
Edge for 5 minutes when the alarm goes off, then reset it.
Rinse and repeat throughout the day.
Edge for 30 minutes before you go to sleep at night. Ideally you should fall asleep edging.
If you happen to wake up during the night, make sure you edge yourself back to sleep.
If work or other restrictions keep you from edging every hour during the day then aim for every 2 hours instead. Just don’t skip the whole day. Get used to edging in the bathroom or other quiet places. Do it in your car during the lunch break.
It’s very important to stay hydrated so aim to consume about 50-60 fl oz of water a day. Don’t worry about getting carried away. It can be very easy to just edge for hours and hours during the evening because it feels so good. You can’t actually hurt yourself so long as you can stay wet. Remember that this is a progressive thing - you’ll need to do this for a week or so to see real effects, and the biggest ones don’t really hit till after a few months in most cases. This is a marathon, NOT a sprint!