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The story of “O” is a classic wrote in the early Fifties

The story of “O” is a classic wrote in the early Fifties, however many of the practices detailed in the book were years in front of their time.

These practices and the way that “O” was trained as still one of the best methods even in this modern time.

Although with the progression of time there are some modern little bit of equipment that can be used to improve the timeframe that is in "O" was exposed too.

So today my method of training still follows that it was detailed in the early Fifties in the classical book the story of the”O”.

The fact remains that human beings , females have a natural position in the order of things, The order of things to a greater extent naturally she is here to serve man.

Does that mean that they are simply here as a sex object? , most certainly not. The D/S lifestyle is much more than just sex. Although as we all know sex it a part of any relationships, so therefore why should it not be part of the D/S relationship.

So how quickly and therefore how severely should the training of the submissive be. Ideally the quickest method is to take her and isolate her from the world, so all that she is being fed mentally is what the train wishes her to receive. (Without taking information that would contradict that which the trainer wishes) .

So ideally she is taken to a room with no daylight, and no way of knowing what time of day or night it is. She should be stripped naked, the only accessory been collar around her neck and cuffs on her wrists and ankles. She should be sexually excited, (but not by intercourse) and then punished, continually , during the day and night , without warning and NO patten should be used

There should be no pattern to this in other words she does not know what is coming when someone enters the room. At the beginning of the training her hands should be so secured that she cannot touch her sex. The fact is she is going to become reliant on the trainer completely for everything. .


,From a very early age, I found I really got turned on firstly by seeing pictures of girls tied up, and later on by actually practising bondage on them. This was a long time before I actually came sexually active.


Then there came out this book, at the time it was frowned upon to actually talk about the story of O, let alone admit to having read it.


The story of O was actually banned in United Kingdom in the time of my youth. But I managed to purchase a copy at backstreet bookshop in Blackpool.

Night after night I will read in great detail this banned book, in particular the first chapter and by the time I left school I knew the chapter almost word for word.

At the time it was very difficult to admit that you were into any part of the BDSM scene as the law immediately condemned you have been insane, you could actually be incarcerated exceedingly quickly. There was simply no sympathy whatsoever.


My mother and father were into ballroom dancing, and rather than pay a babysitter it was decided that I should take lessons in ballroom dancing. So every Saturday morning I was packed off to the local dance school. But I found it quite enjoyable mainly because there were eight or nine girls to every boy. And so I ended up taking out this girl who was two or three years older than myself.


As I started kissing and cuddling I held her wrists together, and to my amazement she really did get turned on, much more than I had ever experienced. I found a length of rope and tied her wrists together above her head, in an old shed.


And from that day on I knew I was different to the majority of guys.


On leaving school I became a joiner, now by accident its great for producing dungeon furniture. I sort of lost my way for some years, but unconsciously I was learning and so. One of my many passions was hypnosis, how could the mind be controlled, unfortunately in the early days there were very few books that anyone who had not got medical background understand.


(Today things are different Internet has brought many many books on all subjects available to the everyday man.)

The present day

I have a wealth of experience in many aspects of the BDSM scene. I live in York, I have a comfortable lifestyle. With numerous business activities that can support me.

I have my own study/dungeon, and throughout my house there are numerous places where a female can be tied and restrained. The sex toys are kept in special draws and there are sufficient to entertain the most demanding female.


The D/S lifestyle is not all about sex, and much of the time the female should not be serving the man just sexually but submissively, throughout the home and throughout the lifestyle.


Although I do not believe that I am completely into sadomasochism, I do believe that I have a natural Sadistic streak within me. That seems to be growing as time passes. (Maybe it is has been all the time and just surfacing.)


The need to use Edging in her training I use edging in many of the girls training both on line and face to face there is a need for a schedule and if followed will have a confound effect on the female . I personally have the girl Edge nightly and again in the morning . there are times I have them edge in front of me for a considerable amount of time. Continue reading

wives & girl friends sent for training

As an experianced master I have some very striced rules, and any submissive wishing to join me would need to understand that I expect full obediance with out question. you need to convince me that you are genuine and commited

My home is full equiped for Continue reading

The air of quality

I like to see an air of class of quality The submissive should give the impression of being proud, after all she is of a special class.

From the start she has to learn to walk with grace, she has to learn to exhibit herself.

After all whether she has been used for sex or not, it is her part to look her best, and give the illusion that she is most sexual being on the planet. Continue reading