once time has passed you can not have that time again dont waist it


I am going to explain how you will be treated on the first private session with me as your master We may have met before the meeting, You most certainly will have completed certain tasks, maybe several role-playing situations, for me ,That I have set , I can assure you these were well thought out and set in such a pattern as to educate you, and hopefully trying get you moving towards the right mindset.


Two to three weeks before we meet you will be told not to shave or trim any part of your body. Until such times as I'm satisfied with your hair growth this is how you will continue.By the second week you will prepare the clothes that you are to wear, That I have specified exactly . You will press / iron them so they are perfect. You will then hang them on a coat hanger in full view as a reminder of the forthcoming inspection.


On the day prior to our meeting you trim or shave your body exactly as you are told. And I really do mean exactly. opposite is an extract from his story that I wish you to read and think about.

your dress.

You will wear a white blouse, with buttons at the front. however the top two buttons remain undone.

a skirt that is full enough to raise at the back and the front the skirt should not be excessively short.

matching bra and pants, both should be the sexiest you have they should match .dark Stockings and preferably black suspenders . And shoes with a small heel.

You will not wear any perfume below the neck, your face will be fully made up to include lip stick, I shadow and a small amount of blusher if required.

your inspection

read carefully

This will be your first inspection, however you will be expected to know how to conduct yourself. And will do so without argument or resistance.


You will arrive dressed exactly as you have been instructed, you will remove your shoes at the door. And enter the room two places behind me.

You will stand facing away from me you will stand straight, with your eyes slightly downcast your hands folded behind your back your legs slightly apart been the width of your shoulders. Your shoulders were only pulled back exaggerating your breasts.(there is a picture of the bottom opposite)


You will be informed that the inspection is to start, however in reality it has already started and I am assessing the way you stand and the condition of your clothes from the offset.

You will told to raise the rear of your skirt, invariably submissive do not raise the skirt high enough, so invariably you will be told to raise it higher until your bum is completely exposed.

If you have been instructed to wear pants and bra I will be at this time assessing quality condition and age of your pants. When I am satisfied you will be told to turn around and raise the front of your skirt. Do not be surprised if I decide to run my hands over the front of your pants, or mound if you have been told not to wear a pants.


For today it is assumed that you have been told to wear pants and bra. You will be told to turn away facing away from me and remove your pants, this thiswhich I will take from you. You will again take up the original standing position. I will inspect them at my leisure, as you stand in front of me waiting patiently.


You will then be told to undo the top three buttons of the blouse you are wearing , as two are already undone it means you undoing another or untill the blouse is open to just below your breasts.

Followed by the instructions to bend as far forward as you can and grip behind your knees. (Of course you will be aware that the skirt will now ride up at the rear) after a few moments you will be told to stand up and unbuttoned the blouse completely, at this point in time I will come up behind you and run my hands up the inside of your legs, (but will not touch your sex, however I may just lightly brush against it). I will now remove your blouse for you.


It is now time for you to prove that you wish to be owned by me, and you will ask me if you may remove your bra, to allow your breasts to be exposed.you will say something in the terms of

" master this submissive slut wishes to expose her tities completely so my master you may inspect them as thoroughly as you wish. master I beg you."

only when I am completely happy with the way you beg will I allow you to remove your bra, then you will place your hands on the breasts and present them for inspection.

You will now nearly front of me and I will place the magic wand slightly against your sex, but under your skirt. And you will remain there until your juices begin to flow, you will slowly get turned on as I watch, but you will not cum (orgasm) each submissive has to learn she is to receive some pain, and therefore while you are turned on you will ask me to slap your face, not once but several times has the magic wand is vibrating your sex.


Once I am satisfied with your reaction you may ask if you may remove your skirt.

" master this submissive slut wishes to expose her bosy for your complete inspection,

you will be asked if you're sex is in the condition that I have asked for.

" master this submissive sluts cunt has been attended to, but it is up to my master if it is in acceptable condition , master this submissive has trimmed/shaved as she requested

you will be given permission to remove your skirt, and the inspection to ensure that you are in excellent condition will begin,

It will not be rushed and it will be very thorough,

I have no doubt that as this inspection takes place it will be evident just how wet you have become.


Although this will be the end of the inspection, do not be surprised if at this point in time a collar and lead isit fitted and you maybe made to crawl or you may simply be led around.


I do not wish to go further at this point after all I don't wish you to know exactly will happen to you



The chapter was titled “Grooming” and it was exactly what I had feared it would be. I sighed, stripped and took my shaving equipment out of the bathroom. The manual clearly indicated certain areas which should be as hairless as possible. “Ok there we go then” I said to an empty room. I faced the large mirror on the wall sitting comfortably wearing nothing but the company necklace. I held my arm high, my hand on my head and tensioned my muscles so my armpit got as flat as possible. I started to work removing what little there was. From top to bottom and then the reverse until I was satisfied about the result. My legs were covered in the next part. I remembered miss Petersons words and I realized she probably would check really well on my work so I meticulously started removing every hair I could find on my legs. Starting at the below the knee I looked at myself shaving in the mirror. I noticed how naked and accessible I was the way I sat. When I looked I noticed the tickle in the part of my body I looked at. Quickly I shifted my thoughts to the shaving again and bend my knees as much as possible to smooth the skin then stretched to do the back of the knee. Next were my thighs which took the most time. I accidently touched my tender parts as I positioned my leg. I sighed when I felt the little hop of attention induced pleasure but ignored it and continued. I ran with my finger over my skin checking for hairs after I was done removing them as I found them. Just to be sure I scrubbed my legs thoroughly to prepare for a second time, my hands scrubbing higher and higher until I touched again. A longer sigh this time. A wanting sigh. And now the tickling didn’t go away anymore. A wanting was there, how much I tried to ignore it now it was there to stay like drums in the deep begging for attention but I continued on my legs until my fingers could no longer find anything remotely resembling hairs or roughness. I got my tweezers and started to check my torso and breasts pulling out hairs here and there which shouldn’t there. Painful but fast. Done. I paused for a moment while I looked at myself in the mirror. My hands checking the skin, it was all smooth and nice, very nice. So very nice. “What are you doing” I said out loud and pulled back my hands which had wandered off. Quickly I grabbed the book and read the next chapter. What was I supposed to do now? “What?” I read it again. Yes it really said I should do that as well.

“Well you can go fuck yourself miss Peterson” I mumbled. Then I reconsidered. “Word for word” my own words and they kept repeating in my head. I sighed, changed my position and applied plenty of cream close, so close to what I wanted to touch. I looked sad for a moment when the nice landing zone I had disappeared with the razor doing its work removing it bit for bit until it was gone. I put my hand on my lips pulling the skin to make it as smooth as possible as the brutal blade scraped my tender skin. My thumb rested on a little knob. Slowly my hands moved while I shaved following the rhythm of the razor. I closed my eyes for a moment as I felt the sharp metal cut away at the hairs leaving such a silky road for my fingers. I bit my lip as my thumb bumped on something so happy to be stroked. I started to really like this shaving thing and meticulously checked for hair requiring my hand to move back and forth, back and forth. I silently moaned. I felt the end of the razor. Such a rough edge the handle had. How would that feel? I let it stroke my clit, and again. I changed my position again, showing myself better in the mirror as if I was showing myself of to, to My master. Who I wanted to be really close now, really close.

stockings are the order of the day. but not always short skirts


I wanted more, much more. Right now. I looked around. I needed something, anything. Brush. “You got to be kidding gal” I whispered while I looked at the brush. It’s sturdy end, the long thick end. My hands were on it, bend over deep to grab it. I felt how the position opened my entrance. “No don’t. Please don’t” I pleaded to my hands which weren’t listening. Invisible hands kept me bend down on the bed. Unable to move as my hands took the brush and moved it until it lowered between my butt cheeks all the way down. Then it touched my lips and stroked my clit. “Please, no” I begged one more time but my hands were deaf to my reasoning only listening to the begging of lust.


Training rules:


* Sir before and after each statement
* No crossing of the legs

* ask permission to orgasm


Training Principles:


* respect
* obedience
* loyalty


Training Goals:


* Focus, on her ability to be vocal

including her ability to beg
* Communication of what she is good for

* ensure she understands what smooth is
* ensure she can exhibit her body



Get used to been naked below the skirts you wear for me


The positions you will be put in during the inspection