African Boss

Bob is an experienced account manager. He and his wife, Sharon, had been enticed to move to Africa for a very well-paying job with Aba Abdu's company. The salary he would earn in exchange for the two year contract he had with Aba would pay him as much as he could earn in 10 years in the US. The living quarters that the company provided were very luxurious and even though they lived in Africa they were provided all the things necessary for a very comfortable life while there.

There was just one problem. Bob and Sharon as well as all the other white employees discovered to late that they had become virtual slaves to Bob's new employer. Not slaves in the sense that they didn't get paid the agreed amount. The DID get their money but once a month his boss threw sex parties and the white employees and their wives had no choice but to participate.

Mr. Abdu was well connected with the leaders of this countries' despotic government and if they or any of their fellow white employees refused to participate or tried to leave the country before their contract was up not only would they lose the money they had contracted for but both the fleeing husband and his wife would be jailed. And jail in this African country is no place for white people. Better for them to have sex with their black master than for both of them, husband and wife, to be raped daily in jail.

Bob had 18 months remaining on his contract. And Mr. Abdu did indeed use them. He used Sharon, his wife. He satisfied his lusts on his wife's luscious sexy body. He used all his white employees the way he saw fit. He had about 20 white men employed and all were married to beautiful white women.

All the white wives had to provide sex to Mr. Abdu and his friends whenever he or they wanted. He referred to them as his 'stable of white bitches'.

And there was nothing the white husbands could do but keep their mouths shut and put up with it. Unfortunately for the husbands many, if not all, of the wives grew to greatly enjoy the sex with the Africans that they were initially forced to have sex with. After a short time the wives started looking forward with great anticipation to the tremendous sexual experiences they had at the monthly sex parties. These experiences were stronger and more intense than anything they had ever had with their white husbands and black sex was extremely addictive to the women.

In addition to the sex parties it was not uncommon for Aba to tell one of the husbands during the work day that he wanted a 'date' that night with his wife. That meant that Aba would be coming by the employee's house that night for sex with the wife. Usually in front of him in the living room or in their marital bed. Or Aba might just pick up the phone and call the employee and tell him to send his wife over to his mansion for the night. All the white wives hoped that their husband would get that call from Aba. That made the wife happy but the husband usually had to sit at home and wonder just what his wife was doing. Usually the waiting till morning to hear about it was agonizing.

In addition to humiliating the husband by fucking the wife Aba often carried it further by forcing the husband to lick his cock and balls clean. If he was feeling especially randy Aba might just bend the husband over and empty his balls into the white man's ass. All the white male employees had been fucked in the ass at least a few times by Aba or one of his African friends. That had happened to Bob and the strange thing to Bob was how he reacted to being fucked in the ass. Once when Aba came to Bob's house he made both he and Sharon get into the doggy position side by side and after he came in Sharon's pussy he immediately shoved it into Bob's ass and came again. Bob's own little white dick had gotten hard and he ejaculated onto the floor while Aba was ejaculating into his ass. Bob didn't understand why he had received an orgasm but he was starting to understand why Sharon and the other white wives enjoyed black cock so much.

Aba employed about 20 white American or European men, each of whom was married to a beautiful white woman. None of the men knew at the time they interviewed to be hired by Aba's company that part of the interview process was to check out the wife of the potential new employee. Aba only hired those white men who were married to beautiful, sexy women.

Sometimes the sex parties included all of the white employees. All the men had to bring their wives to Aba's mansion. The white women would have to strip and spend the entire evening parading around nude or semi-nude (except for spiked high heels) while Aba's many invited African friends would have the opportunity to choose one or more of the wives to head off to a bedroom for a while before returning to the party. The wives never hesitated to get naked at these parties because they knew the sexual pleasures that awaited them. Aba's friends were always large well built men with large black cocks. The husbands were expected to serve drinks or do whatever their wives and black lovers wanted them to do. Many a wife had her sore pussy massaged by her husband's tongue after a vigorous workout by an African's huge cock.

Tonight's sex party however was a small one. It began with dinner at Aba's favorite restaurant. Aba had reserved a side room for himself and their guests which included just three of his white employees and their wives and several of Aba's African friends. They were all large, muscular men like Aba.

Bob's wife, Sharon sat next to him with Aba on the other side of her. It was clear to all that Sharon was Aba's favorite white bitch and would be the first to enjoy his large black cock later that night when things really got underway at Aba's mansion. Bob knew it was going to happen and also knew that he would probably be expected to clean out Sharon's pussy with his tongue after Aba was finished with her. Aba always ejaculated large amounts of cum into Sharon and it would be his job to lick and suck as much as possible out of her. Maybe even lick Aba's cock and balls clean if Aba was really in the mood to humiliate him. It had happened fairly often in the past and Bob was getting used to it.

Across the table from Bob was Roy Smith. He was an engineer for Aba's company. Roy's wife, Trina sat next to Roy and one of the African guests, Nayo, sat on the other side of Trina. Trina was being outrageous, openly flirting with Aba and Nayo in front of her husband! She had been Aba's favorite white bitch before Bob and Sharon had arrived in Africa and Trina was openly competing to try and regain her status as the favorite bitch. Roy knew what his wife was up to but just sipped his drink, and ignored his wife's behavior. He looked about 50, while Trina was clearly much younger, around 40.

Now Nick over there looked in his late 20s, while his wife Anna was apparently only about 22 or 23 or so. Yet Anna was sitting in the lap of the African gentleman on her right. Nick and Anna had only married two years prior and had arrived here to work at Aba's company about 6 weeks ago. Bob watched as a black hand slipped inside Anna's blouse and openly caressed the full, white braless breast right in front of her husband Nick who saw what was happening but said nothing. He dared not say anything about the groping that was happening to his wife.

And strangely Anna was clearly enjoying having her tits played with by the African right in front of her hapless husband. She would laugh and occasionally kiss the black man on the lips in a sensual manner while grinding her ass on the black man's cock. Though in Africa only six weeks Anna knew what was demanded of her and complied eagerly once she had had the experience of what black cock could do to her.

Soon after dinner they were on their way to Aba's residence for the activities to begin. They were travelling in a limousine with an African driver. Bob sat in the front passenger seat, with Nick and Anna sharing the second seat with the African gentleman so obvious in his attention to Anna.

Trina was in the third seat with Nayo. Bob could not see Trina because she had her head down in Nayo's lap sucking on his black cock. Everyone in the limo knew when Nayo ejaculated because he was very loud and Trina swallowed as fast as she could to try and swallow it all. Trina's husband Roy had to ride in the second limo with the other invited Africans. He had to endure their taunts about what his wife was certainly doing with Nayo in the other limo.

Sharon sat in the back and was whispering and giggling with Aba. It was clear from the noise and remarks in the back that Aba was making out with her. When it became quiet in the back Bob knew it was because Sharon had his black bosses' huge cock in her mouth. Bob of course remained silent as his wife serviced his boss.

Arriving at Aba's mansion they headed out back to the swimming pool for a midnight swim. Aba announced that all would swim naked. The white husbands just looked at each other but their wives were already stripping off their clothes to begin their sexual experience! It had been a full month since they each had had some black cock and the bitches could hardly wait to get started. Their husband's little white dicks just didn't do the job and provide the same amount of sexual satisfaction the wives now knew they were capable of experiencing with these black sexual studs.

"Bob, go fetch Sharon and I drinks" Aba barked at Bob. Bob headed off to the house to do as he had been told. When he returned with the drinks he saw Aba was sitting on a chair and that his wife Sharon sat astride Aba's lap with Aba's ten inch black cock buried up to the balls in her. Aba had Sharon's ample tits in his hands and were licking and kissing them. She was moving up and down in a rhythmic fashion and had her eyes closed and a smile on her lips with a look of rapture on her face as she was being fucked by the large black cock.

"Here Sharon" Bob said as he handed her a drink. Sharon opened her eyes and said "Thanks Sweetie" without breaking stride on Aba's cock and took the drink and swallowed it down quickly. He also handed Aba his drink and turned to walk away.

As he did so Aba stopped him and said "Hey Bob turn back around here" Bob turned to face them and Aba laughed and said "Look Sharon, your husband has a hardon. It's not much of a hardon but it's the best he can do!!" With that both Aba and Sharon laughed at Bob's little dick.

And it was true. Even though he wasn't really happy with the situation the eroticism of the whole thing overpowered him and his dick seemed to have a mind of it's own. Bob's little five inch dick stood at attention, made hard by what was happening to his wife. He had discovered that most of the husbands also dealt with the same 'problem' if it can be described as such. Watching their wives being ravished by these big cocked black men seemed to have that effect on all the white men. Especially since the wives were enjoying it so much. At least the husbands could jack off while their wives were being fucked. "Go play with yourself Bobbie" Aba ordered and that is just what Bob intended to do since he couldn't fuck his own wife.

As Bob walked away to find a chair to sit in he heard the unmistakable sounds of his wife entering an orgasm. Back in America Sharon had never cum so loudly as she did since she had been fucking the black men of Africa. There was no pretense of modesty, she just surrendered to the passion and the orgasms and screamed out her joy.

Trina and Nayo were in the swimming pool and it was obvious that she had ten inches of black cock up her twat. Nayo was hitting that pussy like a jackhammer and Trina was screaming like a woman possessed. Poor Roy was just sitting off to the side in a lawn chair stroking his dick and watching his wife receive such pleasure while riding that man sized cock. He too was resigned to his fate and knew he himself would not be getting any of Trina's pussy that night and even if he did she wouldn't even feel it after having her pussy stretched so much by Nayo. Last time Roy tried fucking his wife after one of these parties she just laughed at him and told him to go jack off his 'little boy pink dick'.

Finally there was Nick and Anna. Bob looked across the yard and saw Anna. She was the most beautiful and sexy of the three women. She had the body of a Playboy bunny. Slender waist. Large firm tits. Perfect ass. Beautiful legs. And she was on her knees sucking on the cock of one of the invited Africans while her husband sat in a lawn chair looking dejected. Well maybe dejected but he had his dick in his hand playing with it while watching his wife suckle on that huge black manhood . The African fondled Anita's large milky white breasts as she suckled him.

She had the attention of two of the Africans. One bent her over and started riding her doggy style while the other lay in front of her where she could put his black cock in her mouth. One fucked her from behind while the other fucked her mouth. Just as he was getting ready to release a load in her mouth he yelled at Nick to come quickly. Just as Nick arrived the African pushed Anna's head aside and told Nick to 'get down there and take this load down his throat'. Knowing the punishment for refusal Nick quickly clamped his lips around that fat black cock just in time to get a mouthful of black man's cum. The African told him he better 'swallow it all' or he would wack him upside the head. Nick was getting pretty good at sucking cum from cocks because he seemed to be a favorite of the black men. Probably because of his youth.

And just as Nick was swallowing that load the African pumping Anna from behind released a huge load of cum ten inches deep into her pussy. As his cock pulsed inside her it triggered a huge orgasm by her.

She yelled out in happiness and pleasure while watching her husband swallow a nigger's cum. As soon as the African finished empting his balls into Nick's mouth Anna told her husband to lay on his back. Nick knew he had to do as she said so he complied. Anna immediately positioned her pussy directly over Nick's mouth so the other African's cum would drip directly into it. She laughed at her husband's torment. So Nick got a double load that night. Well actually a triple dose because soon one of the two Africans bent Nick over and proceeded to let loose another big load into Nick's white ass. Anna laughed and asked her husband if he liked getting fucked by black cock as much as she did.

After an hour or so of more raw animal sex Aba finally told the invited African men and the white husbands that they could leave and return to their homes in the limos. "The women will remain here with me for the night" Aba announced. Bob and the other men knew that the sexual activities would continue because Aba had such a huge sexual appetite and the energy to keep on fucking their wives all night long. The wives would return home to the husbands in the morning well fucked and wore out. But the husbands knew that their wives would be eagerly looking forward to the next monthly party.