Diner from Hell part five

TAfter the victims had been used until the gangs tired, they were given some fast food and allowed to get some sleep. The next morning when they were awoken, they saw that Julie was being beaten. Mike told the victims “Bitch mom here tried to sneak off in the night. Thought we were stupid didn’t ya cunt?!” he screamed over to where she was. Julie had a man holding each of her arms as another punched her as hard as possible in the stomach. Her torso had horrible, dark bruises covering it. Every punch brought a loud grunt and a whoosh of air from her as she lost her breath.

Mike continued berating the others. “Dumb cunt tried going out the back. Like we don’t have people watching all the doors. Dey always thinks we is stoopid, massah” he said with a stereotyped accent. “Get me her brats!” he ordered. Jimmy, Joan and Jane were dragged from the other vics to Mike. He motioned to the men holding Julie and they released her. She fell to the floor like a sack of rocks and didn’t move.  Low moans and crying was all she could muster.

“When you’re bad what does your mom do?” Mike asked the three siblings. They were too scared and upset to answer. “What does she do? Answer me you little fucks!!” he screamed in their faces. Joan mumbled “She punishes us”. “That’s right cunt. She punishes you. Well your mom here did something wrong and you’re gonna punish her. Understand?!” Mike yelled. The kids had seen him angry but he looked like he was going to explode this time. They all shook their heads and he calmed down a bit.

Mike said “Get this kid the Viagra. And bring the bitch to a mattress”.  Julie was dragged and dumped onto one and Jimmy was given a number of pills to swallow. “You two blow him and play with his balls” he ordered the twins. He just glared at them as they dropped to their knees and began to suck their brother’s cock. Mike called over one of his females and whispered something to her. She smiled broadly and went to get what Mike asked for. The rest of the gang members were milling around watching and wondering what Mike was planning. Some were sitting with the victim of their choice and playing with them or getting blown as they waited. Rodrigo sat naked in a chair, his two slaves kneeling on either side of him, leaning against him as he stroked their tits.

The woman returned with a plastic dildo and a tube of something.  It didn’t take long for Jimmy to get stiff with his sisters mouths on him. “Tie his cock off. I don’t want him going soft” Mike told the woman. She approached Jimmy with a length of heavy twine. She expertly wrapped it tightly around the base of his cock, as close to his body as possible, and finished it up by twisting the rest around his nut sack and tying it off. Jimmy was very uncomfortable as the blood was trapped in his cock and it was starting to throb. The woman used a rag to dry off his cock for the next step. She took the tube, which turned out to be some kind of fast acting glue, and began to squeeze it into the hollow insides of  the dildo. The dildo was a nasty torture device. It was lined with pointy, sharp and hard plastic spikes along its complete length.

Some men grabbed Jimmy and held him down as the woman pushed the dildo onto his prick. She slowly pushed it all the way down until it hit his crotch and the excess glue oozed out and collected on his crotch and balls. Jimmy was screaming in pain. “It burns! It burns! Take it off. Please!” he cried to no avail. As he writhed around still being held down, the woman held the dildo hard against his crotch, making sure to get a good seal.

Mike got impatient. “That’s good enough. Let’s go”. Everyone crowded around the scene about to unfold. Julie was still unaware of what had taken place as she laid in a fetal position on the mattress. Some men kicked at her to move her onto her back. Her stomach was an awful sight. Nothing but bruises and welts of all different colors. Mike took hold of Jimmy and hauled him upright. He brought him over to his mom, the kids burning cock bobbing up and down in its little prison. He had Julie’s arms tied tightly behind her back. He got the twins to kneel on either side of their mom. Two men grabbed each of Julie’s ankles and pulled her legs as far apart as possible and held on tight.

“Now you two each take a tit and start biting. I want to see blood or I’ll cut your little tits clean off” Mike commanded the twins. Julie whispered “It’s ok my darlings. Save yourselves” and the girls leaned over and began to abuse their mom. Then Mike pushed Jimmy down to his knees, between Julie’s legs. “Let me see bitches” he said to the twins as he looked at Julie’s tits. They backed off and revealed bite marks and that they had broken the skin. “Do it harder and faster” they heard. As they returned to their awful duty, Jimmy was told “Get in that pussy and rip it up boy”.

He was in agony but leaned forward and started to enter his mom. As soon as the first spike hit her skin she screamed and began to jerk all around. “Hold her tighter dammit!” Mike yelled at his men, more than a little pissed off. Another very heavy man knelt on Julie’s shoulders, pinning her to the floor. Her tied hands pressed into her back and caused great pain.  Jimmy pushed back into her. The first spikes scraped at her pussy walls and cut them open. Julie screamed so loud and long. All she could do was turn her head from side to side. The twins were crying as they continued biting her tits. Jimmy entered her fully and then began backing out. It didn’t seem possible that she could scream louder but she did. Mike pulled Jimmy back to see better. There were little bits of skin trapped on the spikes and blood flowed freely from her vagina.

“Fuck her to death boy” Mike ordered. The other victims watching this horror realized the odds of any of them getting out alive were pretty much nil. Jimmy plowed back inside Julie. She gritted her teeth and you could hear the air escaping as she suffered unbelievable pain. Jimmy’s cock hurt a great deal as he kept pounding his mom.  Her insides were shredded and with each push or withdrawal skin and blood came gushing out.  Julie had stopped screaming now and her eyes were becoming dull and vacant. Mike reached down and pulled Jimmy out of her. He had the men on her ankles pull her up so Jimmy could fuck her ass. “Hurry up before she croaks” Mike yelled at the poor kid. Mike was pumping his cock fast and getting close to one of the most exciting orgasms he ever had. Almost every man there was doing the same. It was a complete frenzy of torture and terror.

Jimmy pushed into Julie’s asshole and slipped inside cutting her open back there as well. Her eyes flew wide open at this last intrusion and she cried out for the final time. Her blood poured down her body from her open pussy and ran onto the tits her daughters were still abusing. Jimmy fucked her ass as blood, skin and flecks of shit escaped with each thrust.  Finally Julie closed her eyes and there was a guttural noise from deep inside her, and she breathed her last. Jimmy’s tears dropped onto her dead body as he kept pumping her ass. Mike and many of the men came and once again congratulated him on a great show.

Jimmy was finally allowed to stop screwing his dead mom and the twins sat up, their faces all bloody, tears mingling with their mom’s blood. Then Jimmy looked to his own problem. He tried to pull off the dildo but it wasn’t going anywhere. His cock throbbed fiercely as the trapped blood had no escape. Mike looked at Julie. There was so much blood on the mattress it had stopped seeping into it and just pooled on top. Her pussy and ass were shredded and unrecognizable. “Just take the whole mess out of here” Mike ordered. A few men took hold of the mattress and pulled it away, Julie’s body gently swaying back and forth. A trail of blood followed the grisly disposal.