Diner from Hell part four

TGet that out of here” Mike told some of his men, as he pointed to Rose’s body.  Her daughters clutched at her as she was dragged away, and were slapped until they let go.  As she was being taken out the back way, Rodrigo and a few other members of his gang were arriving. “Hey man, you called us over here for some fun and business. Why you knocking them off already?” he yelled to Mike.  “Got lots more bro. You’ll get your cock wet. Don’t worry.” Rodrigo looked around and saw the number of good looking women. “I guess you ain’t lying” he said as he inspected the captives and they wondered how cruel the new men would be.  “They’re kinda smelly man” Rodrigo said.  “Can’t we get clean pussy from you cheap bastards?” he told Mike with a good laugh.  Mike nodded and told some of the gang women to take the captive women to get washed up.

The women thought at least they would get a little relief from a good cleaning up. But it consisted of nothing more than a garden hose hooked up to a cold water faucet. Each woman was sprayed down with the nozzle set to produce as hard a stream of water as possible. It felt like little needles all over their bodies. And each had the nozzle shoved into their pussy and assholes, which caused much discomfort and screams when the water hit sensitive and raw areas.

As the ladies were getting clean Mike commented on the two girls that came with Rodrigo. “I see you still have the presents I gave you”.  “Absolutely man. They never leave me. The doc trained them perfect. Best gift I ever got.” Rodrigo answered. The two girls were fifteen when captured by Mike’s gang as they tried to buy drugs. Two friends who no longer had a will of their own after being given a cocktail of drugs and aphrodisiacs and other substances over many long months.  They were trained slaves now, answering to and obeying only Rodrigo.    

The slaves were completely nude, except for high heels and a collar attached to one leash that Rodrigo used to direct their movement.  They no longer remembered their given names. Rodrigo called them one and two. Number one had small gold jewelry in the form of a “1” through her nipples and clit and number two the same in a “2” shape. They were quite attractive and clean and healthy looking. Both were totally shaven and their hair was cut and styled exactly the same.

“They look fine man” Mike said. “You knock them up yet?” “No way bro. I got more breeding bitches than I need. These two are just for fun. Doc gives them shit to keep from getting preg. If they do then I’ll get them an abortion” Rodrigo replied. “I got two more just today man” Mike told him, all smiles. “They’re fifteen too and get this shit, they’re exact twins. We’re gonna knock them up and have pretty little babies for sale. I got another bitch today that I’m giving to the Doc to make her a slave for me. It’s been a great fucking day man!” Mike said loudly.

“Well good for you man” Rodrigo said. “Now can we get to use them?” he asked sarcastically. “Yeah yeah, hold your dick bro. Let me show you what we got. Decide what you like and we’ll deal.”  Mike called for the captives to be brought over. They had been dried off and the gang women had combed their hair and let them put on makeup to try and make them presentable. He and members of his gang and Rodrigo and his pulled up chairs and sat down. Rodrigo ordered his slaves to suck him. One undid his belt and unzipped him and fished out his cock. Both girls knelt on either side of him and began to lovingly suck and lick his prick and balls and caress his legs.

Mike introduced each group of captives and made them present themselves to Rodrigo and his gang.  Sheila, Dick and Jeanne were brought over. “Mom here is a good fuck. Nice jugs and freckles if you like that shit.  The wimp has a much bigger asshole than he had this morning” Mike said and he and Rodrigo slapped palms and laughed as Dick had to turn around and spread his cheeks. He was a broken man by now. “And that cute little thing is their daughter Jeanne. She ain’t for sale. She’s all mine.”  Rodrigo nodded and said that was cool with him.

Julie, Jimmy, Joan and Jane were next. “Looks like mom actually takes care of herself” Rodrigo said. “Nice tits and her nips are really sticking out. She must be excited” he said, letting out a laugh as he ran his fingers through his slaves’ hair as they continued to worship his cock. “And the twins are fine. All tight and white and blond. Can’t beat that” he went on. “What’s with the kid?” he asked Mike. Jimmy’s cock was still hard as a rock. “Viagra” Mike answered succinctly.

Rodrigo erupted in laughter. “You mother fuckers are too much man. What is he, twelve? All ready to go. Goddamn”. Mike told him “He was useless till we gave him the shit. He fucked his mom and I think all the rest of them too”.

“Can I have him fuck that guy” Rodrigo asked, pointing at Dick. “Boy! Go fuck his ass and do it hard or mommy dies” Mike ordered Jimmy. Dick was pushed to his knees, face pressed against the floor. Jimmy got behind and jammed himself inside Dick’s sore ass and began to quickly fuck him. Rodrigo continued to laugh and told his slaves to stop blowing him. He was hard and didn’t want to waste his first load. “Those twins are amazing man” he said. “You oughta shave that one so you can’t tell them apart at all”. “Maybe I will. You want them now?” Mike asked. “Shit yeah! Come here girls” he commanded the frightened kids. They stood shaking in front of Rodrigo who was slowly stroking his cock. He made a motion to his slaves and they instantly turned on their knees and put their hands on the twin’s asses and pulled them close. They started

to suck on the girls pussies and play with their ass and tits. “Who else you got while my slaves prepare these two?” he asked Mike.

Arlene and Chrissy were next. “These are sisters. They’re a little pissed since the dead broad you saw on the way in was their mom” Mike told him. “Too fucking bad” Rodrigo replied, with a complete lack of concern or compassion. “They’re so small, looks like our cocks will come out the other side” he said. “The older one has been fucked pretty good already. But the other one is  gonna give us a show soon. Nobody’s fucked her yet. She must be cherry” Mike commented. He told one of his men to make sure. One went over and spread her pussy lips, wet a finger and pushed in slowly. Chrissy winced a bit. When he reached her cherry he said “Tight as a fucking drum boss. Never opened”. “Great. Nobody fucks her” Mike ordered everyone.

Finally, the last victims were brought over. Rodrigo said “Look at all the tits. Don’t care for the phony ones but it’s all good”. Mike said “I like that one”, pointing at Lisa. “Big real tits and some meat to grab hold of. The middle two, Dianna and Lilly, look real fine. Must work out all the time. Hard body bitches. The gook broad is the one that offed the mom of those two.” “No shit? I guess we’ll have to watch out for her then” Rodrigo said sarcastically.

Mike leaned over and whispered “The last one is no good anymore. We wasted her old man and she just don’t give a shit now. Just lays there. But if any of your guys want her before I kill her, go ahead.” Rodrigo announced to his men “Any body wants a piece of the dark haired broad there, take it.” All of his gang were horny as shit by now and they all wanted a fuck, good or bad. Six men began to undress as they approached Jen. She was being held up by a man or she would have fallen down. Jen had snapped by now and had to be led around. She just hummed to herself as she stared into space with empty eyes.

Rodrigo called off his slaves and directed Joan to sit on his cock. She faced away from him and slowly did so. As she began to fuck him he ordered Jane to suck on her sisters tits. As he enjoyed himself he watched his men have their way with Jen. One man was pounding into her pussy as she lay on an old mattress and another had his cock in her mouth but she didn’t suck it. She just stared at him. “What’s with this puta man? She don’t do nothing bro” he complained. Rodrigo asked Mike if his men could finish her off and he said it was fine with him. He told his men “Get what you can off her and then end it” and he drew his finger across his throat. The man nodded and smiled.

Each of the six took his turn with Jen. Her ass and pussy were used one last time. When they finished they got together to decide how to kill her. One guy said “I know how to get this bitch to move. Get her on that table” and the others carried her limp body and put her on her back on a dirty old table. The man got an old lamp and removed the shade to expose the bulb. “Got a bitch to talk once using this. Hold her tight, she’s gonna jerk around”. Jen’s arms and legs were grabbed by rough hands and pressed onto the table. The man plugged in the lamp and brought it to her pussy. She was full of cum and slimy so it was easy to push the bulb just inside her snatch. “Watch this shit and don’t let go” he said. He pushed the button and the bulb lit up. “Oh shit! You can see it right through her skin” one guy yelled. Jen felt the heat instantly. In a few seconds it was unbearable and she tried to thrash around but the men held her down. Her body strained against them and she screamed and screamed.

The man who chose the torture said “Told ya that would get her moving” and all the men laughed at her agony. It only took seconds but it seemed like hours to Jen. The inside of her pussy was burning and she passed out from the pain. As she slumped down, a wisp of smoke appeared from her crotch. “Mother fucker is burning man. She’s dead” one man holding her said. The instigator turned the lamp off. He looked at her and told the others “She’s still breathing. Bitch ain’t gone yet”. He pulled the bulb out of her and bits of skin were attached to it. Her pussy began to bleed. He took the bulb out. “Wake her up”. The others slapped her and got her up. All Jen knew was the burning pain in her crotch. She moaned and tried to put her hands down there to rub it. The men still held her down.

The man with the lamp turned it on then unplugged it. He pushed it into Jen as far as he could and she moaned and cried as it tore up her pussy even more. “Let her go” the guy said as he held the plug at the outlet. Jen was released and before she could move the man said “Now watch this shit”. He plugged in the lamp and Jen’s whole body tensed up. All her muscles could be seen as she was electrocuted. Her eyes were wide open and her jaw clenched so tight some of her teeth cracked from the pressure. The lamp was finally turned off. The place stunk as her bowels had emptied during the ordeal. Her body relaxed on the table and her eyes remained wide open. The gang was amazed at how much fun that was. The captives who had to see it were crying and scared and Lisa had thrown up watching it. Rodrigo had cum in Jane as he watched and now, still very excited, he was in Joan’s ass, fucking away.  Mike was hard as were many of the men in the room. “That was fucking incredible man. You got any more ideas you let me know. Holy fuck that was good”. Mike called Jeanne and Chrissy over to him and told the gang they could fuck the rest. And the captives were set upon yet again.