Diner from Hell part Three

The RV finally rolled into the warehouse.  There was a lot of activity going on.  Mike and the others brought out the still dressed Julie and the hitchhikers, and the nude and sobbing sisters. There were cheers and hollers from the other gang members, male and female.  Julie scanned the area looking for Jimmy.  “Where’s my son? I don’t see him”, she cried. Mike smacked her across the face.  “Keep your mouth shut, cunt! He’s in here someplace having fun” he yelled at her. The new arrivals saw what was soon in store for them.  Dick was bent over a table getting butt fucked. His ass was bleeding and it looked like he had been beaten.  Sheila and Jeanne were on their knees blowing men so they could fuck him next.

“Where’s the kid from the van?” Mike yelled out.  Someone yelled “over here” and he pulled Julie to the area.  She saw her young son lying on top of Lisa, fucking her, as Arlene licked his asshole and balls.  Mike told one of the people watching the scene “This little faggot couldn’t screw for shit before”.  The guy replied “Turns out Viagra works on kids too.  He already fucked the little one and that one there”, pointing to Arlene and Jenny.  “He cums and keeps on fucking” the guy said laughing.  Jenny was being fucked on the floor and she just laid there, a totally blank look on her face.  “I think we broke this one already” the man told Mike with a huge smile. “I offed her old man. She don’t give a shit anymore” Mike said proudly.

Mike was still holding onto Julie as she stared at her son.  “Get those clothes off babe. You’re next” he ordered her. She was going to resist but Mike gave her a look and said sternly “Just get them off and keep quiet bitch”.  She got naked and stood there being stared at by everyone.  “Pull him off her” Mike told one guy, motioning to Jimmy.  He was yanked out of Lisa and another man quickly took his place, and Arlene was pushed onto her back to be raped yet again.  Jimmy stood there and saw his naked mother.  “Mom! Are you ok?” and then realizing she was nude dropped his head down and looked away.  She looked at him as he stood there naked with his cock sticking straight out, shiny from pussy juice and his own cum.

They were taken to a filthy mattress and Julie was ordered to lay on it and spread her legs wide.  Jimmy was pushed onto the bed.  “Fuck your momma boy” Mike commanded, “Or she gets very dead”.  Julie told her son it was ok and just do it.   He got down between her legs and pushed inside her and began pumping.  “OK, things are good here.  Let’s say hello to our new ladies” Mike told the group near him.             

Back at the RV gang members were going thru it, stripping out anything of value.  The sisters were being held by their rapists, with fear etched on their faces as they saw all that was going on.  The hitchhikers were sitting together being watched over.  Mike came by and told his men to take the sisters to a safe area for now.  “I don’t want them any more fucked up for now. I got plans for them”.  Then he looked down at Dianna and Lilly.  “That means you two are up. Let’s go” and he motioned for them to follow him.  The scared girls got up slowly and followed him, as the men, and some women, made crude remarks and commented on their looks.

They were led to an open area with old chairs and sofas surrounding it.  Their captors sat around as they stood in the middle, shaking in fear.  Mike said “We’re having a contest. Both of you broads are going to strip. Whoever gets naked first wins. The winner we treat nice. The loser is going to be really, really unhappy. Understand?”  Both girls quietly said yes.  “OK then. 1-2-3 strip!” Mike counted down. Both girls were dressed about the same, hiking boots, shorts and shirts. Dianna was determined to win and as Lilly was unbuttoning her blouse, she just ripped hers off.  The crowd was hollering and clapping.  Dianna wriggled out of her tight shorts, as Lilly was pulling her shirt off. Dianna sat down to unlace her boots and Lilly took off her bra and started on her pants. She saw she was losing and began to get flustered.

The crowd was really getting into it now.  Dianna got her boots and socks off and stood up. She quickly pulled her bra off and stepped out of her panties.  Lilly got very nervous as she stood there topless, with her pants at her ankles.  “You broads must of went to the same doctor” Mike said, in reference to the fact that both girls had very large phony boobs.  He told Dianna to come and sit by him.  Lilly stood there, shaking visibly.  Mike said to Dianna “You get to watch what we do with losers now”, as many people closed in on Lilly, and she screamed.

Lilly was set upon and was slapped and punched as she was stripped nude.  She was begging for them to stop which did nothing more than increase the level of abuse. Mike was sitting with Dianna, playing with her tits and pussy.  “We never caught any gook broad before. The guys are gonna like fucking with her” he said.  Mike told some men to start filming Lilly’s ordeal.  Cameras were set up and a few old mattresses were set down and Lilly tossed onto them.

Lilly looked up and saw at least 20 men staring down at her.  “Please, please don’t hurt me. I want to go. Please!” Lilly cried.  Mike yelled to her “You wanted to make movies. This is your first. Show us what you got babe”.  As the crowd moved to Lilly, Mike asked Dianna “Still want to make your movie hon?” Dianna quickly shook her head “no”.  “Then make me happy and maybe I’ll let you leave in one piece” he told her as he pushed her head down to his cock.  Dianna began to suck him as she heard Lilly scream.

The scream was caused by the large cock shoved into Lilly’s dry pussy. Another man straddled her chest and shoved his cock into her mouth. The crowd was cheering on her attackers and waiting their turn.  Cameras had been set up at the area where the other victims were still being abused as well. Jimmy had cum in his mom and was now watching her with a black cock in every hole.  The men had stopped butt fucking Dick. He was lying on his back with Sheila face down on top of him. His humiliation continued as men switched between fucking her ass and pussy, and he could feel every thrust as her body moved over him. His daughter was still giving oral and occasionally having to swallow a load.

Lilly was taking her third cock in her pussy with many more to go. Her rapist was really pounding into her as she sucked another man hard.  The guy unloaded into her and added his load to the others. The next man lay down and she was told to get up and sit on his cock. She got up on wobbly legs and almost fell over.  She stepped over him and lowered her cum dripping pussy onto his hard prick.  She slid down easily and he told her to ride him, which she did. After a bit she felt a hand on her back, pushing her down.  The man in her pussy put his arms around her, crushing her big tits against his chest.  He enjoyed hearing her loud scream as her asshole was plugged by the new man. She grunted and cried as her dry ass was slowly entered by a rather large cock.

Dianna was forced to see her friend’s torment as she was now being fucked doggy style by Mike. “Nice pussy bitch. Maybe I’ll keep you around” he told her as he slammed deep into her and she felt his large balls slap against her. Lilly was now being fucked in a constant gang bang.  Her ass had loosened up and she was easily raped in both holes.  Still crying, her knees and back hurt and her jaw was very sore from all the blow jobs.  She looked a mess. She was sweat covered with her hair soaked and sticking to her face and back. It went on for almost two hours.  When the last man emptied himself into her aching pussy and left, Lilly just lay there.  She had taken over thirty cocks and cum was running out of her ass and pussy. She couldn’t find the energy to move.

Mike was pleased with the film that could now be sold to his “special” clients.  The cameras kept rolling as men and women began to piss on poor Lilly.  One guy held her mouth open so another could piss directly down her throat.  She sputtered and choked and rolled on her side to retch.  They continued to piss on her relentlessly. Mike had Dianna sitting in his lap as he played with her tits after fucking her, and told her to go piss on her friend.  She dropped her head in defeat and walked over to Lilly. She squatted over her crying friend and strained until a trickle of piss came out.  Then more and more as she emptied her bladder on Lilly.

Mike made a few calls to plan for the further use of his captives.  For now the gang was pretty much tired out from the unending fun they had with them all. The gang rested and kept watch over the prisoners, with someone having an occasional fuck or blow job.  All during the action the guys who had taken the victims cars had returned one by one.  They brought back whatever money the got from the chop shop and any valuables in the car.  The vics who were local had a visit paid to their home, which were gone through for any jewelry or cash or other easily carried away items. The only victim who unfortunately had others home when the men arrived was Arlene.  Her mom and kid sister were there.

A car drove into the warehouse and the driver got out and opened the trunk. Arlene’s mom Rose and sister Chrissy were huddled together, tied up and blindfolded.  Mike asked the driver “Who do these belong to?” He answered “The little waitress”.  The new captives were pulled from the trunk and had the blindfolds and ropes removed.  Arlene’s mom and sis looked just like her. Rose was barely five feet tall, very pale skin with freckles and small tits, but still a tight body for being thirty-eight.  Chrissy was 13 with the same pale skin, very blond and flat as a board. She stood only four foot nine and looked like she weighed eighty pounds, if that.

Rose focused her eyes on the mess in front of her. She grabbed Chrissy and held her tightly.  “What is this place? Who are you people?” As she was asking, she saw Arlene being dragged over by two naked black men. “Oh my God! Baby!” She looked at Mike and screamed “What did you bastards to my girl?” “We raped her pretty good mom” Mike told her, enjoying her anger.  Arlene was held up in front of Rose. She had many bruises and dried cum could be seen all over her body. Her pussy was red and raw looking, and she had a glassy, far away look in her eyes. “Arlene was able to croak “Mom. They killed people and hurt us all.” She looked at Mike and pleaded “Please let them go. Please! I’ll stay here but let them be.”  Mike got a mock serious look on his face. “Baby cares about mommy. All right, if mom does the one thing I tell her to, all three of you can leave” he told Arlene.

Mike looked at Rose and said “One chance bitch. You do what I tell you and you leave. You don’t and you and the kid look like your daughter here. Yes or no?” Rose said “What do I have to do?” “No questions cunt. I make the rules. Yes or no?” she got for an answer. Rose assumed she would be raped and was willing to sacrifice herself for her children. “All right. I’ll do it”.  Mike grabbed Chrissy away from Rose. “We’ll just hold your kids until it’s done” he told her. Chrissy was crying loudly and Arlene was trying to get her to stop. Mike pulled out his switchblade, flicked it open and flung it into the wood floor.  He said “There’s a gook bitch over there” pointing to Lilly, who was in a fetal position on the floor. “We’re done with her so she needs to go. Take the knife and kill her”.  Rose stared open-mouthed at Mike. “Are you crazy?!! I can’t kill anyone!! This is insane!”

Mike grunted and pointed to the men holding Arlene.  One held her tight and the other punched her in the stomach as hard as he could. Arlene pissed herself and gasped for air. “Stop it! Stop it!” Rose screamed. Mike yelled “The next punch is in her face. She gets beat to death or you do what I told you”. Rose was a complete wreck. “Dear God this can’t be happening” she kept muttering. Mike said “Hit her again”.  Rose screamed “No. No. I’ll do it. Help me Lord, I’ll do it”. She bent over and yanked the knife from the floor and slowly approached Lilly.

“I forgot to tell you that it has to be a fair fight” Mike said as another knife was slid across the floor to Lilly.  “Only one of you gets out alive. Let’s go”.  Despite her ordeal Lilly still had an intense will to live. She took hold of the knife and got to her feet. Many of the gang members formed a circle around the two ladies, cheering for one or the other. It was a surreal sight. A soccer mom in her nice clean outfit and a bruised, sweaty and naked young woman facing off with knives. They looked at each other but neither knew how to knife fight. The crowd became impatient and Lilly was pushed at Rose. The floor where she was attacked previously was still wet and her feet went out from under her and she slammed onto the floor on her back. The wind was knocked out of her. Rose ran and bent over to stab at Lilly. Lilly swung her knife wildly and caught Rose in her thigh. Rose fell to her knees, screaming in pain.  With her adrenaline pumping, Lilly pulled the knife out and quickly stuck Rose twice in her stomach.

Rose look down amazed and shocked. She saw a red stain spread across her white blouse and she heard her daughters scream from what seemed like miles away. She tried to say something but she only coughed and blood sprayed from her mouth. She stared at Lilly and swayed a bit on her knees. Then she dropped her knife and fell over on her side, her eyes fixed open in death. The crowd whooped and cheered Lilly.  She tossed the knife down and began to cry. “Too bad you ain’t black girl. We could use you” Mike said with a big smile.  Mike released Chrissy and told the men to let Arlene go too. They ran to their lifeless mom and hugged her body and cursed the gang.