Diner from Hell part Two

n stood around, eating and verbally abusing the victims as they awaited the other gang members.  A large RV pulled into the parking lot and a young boy got out and headed for the door.  Leon stood behind it and as soon as the boy entered he clamped his hand over the kid’s mouth and pushed the door shut. The boy’s eyes got big as he saw naked people and he got very scared and tried to get away from Leon when he saw Scott’s bloody, mutilated body on the floor.

Leon squeezed the boy close to him and said “Stop it or I’ll cut you”.  The kid slumped in Leon’s grasp and quieted down.  “What’s your name kid?” he was asked.  “Why’d you come in here?”  “My name is Jimmy.  My mom sent me in to get sodas and chips.”  “Just you and your mom?” Mike asked.   “My sisters too” came the reply and Mike smiled broadly at that.  He said “Let’s just hold the kid here and his mom or sis will come looking for him soon enough”.

Leon had Jimmy look at the other people there. “You ever see a naked broad before kid?” he asked.  Jimmy just shook his head and quietly said “Not for real. Just in pictures.” “How old are you?” Leon said. “I’m 13”.  “You white boys sure start late” Leon said which got a laugh from his pals. Leon had Jimmy stand by Sheila.  “You wanna touch her?” The kid put his head down and shrugged his shoulders.  “Don’t be a little faggot” Leon said and told Jimmy to feel Sheila’s tits.  She had her hands taped behind her and she just sat there as Leon pushed the kid at her and he put his hands on her big boobs.  “Feels good, don’t it?” Jimmy shook his head yes as he felt the warm flesh in his hands. “Put your mouth on them.  She likes that. Don’t you momma?” Mike said as he looked at Sheila and mouthed the words “Say yes”.  Sheila told Jimmy “Yes, I like that a lot”. 

Jimmy leaned over and put his lips on her nipple and licked it a little.  She turned her head away and tried to imagine it was all a dream.  The RV horn sounded three quick times.  “Someone will be in here soon” Mike said.  Jimmy kept licking and Leon saw that the kid was getting hard.  “Look at his shorts man. His little cock is pushing out!”  Jimmy pulled back and got embarrassed and began to push his cock down in his pants. 

“It’s ok kid. Let it out.  She’ll make you feel good.” Leon told him. Jimmy looked at him and Leon motioned for him to take off his shorts.  The boy pulled them down with his underwear and his little cock stood out hard and ready.  “Stand next to her” he was told and Sheila positioned herself to suck him.  He put his cock at her open mouth and pushed it in.  She had barely begun to move her head when the kid let out a big moan and shot his load.  She caught the first spurt in her mouth but didn’t expect it so soon and pulled back, as the rest of the spunk went on her face and body.

“God damn boy! What the fuck?” Leon yelled.  “We’ll get you more practice later”.  Just then Mike said “Get to the door.  Mom’s coming”.  Leon left Jimmy standing there with his softening cock dripping cum as he moved to the door.   Jimmy’s mom entered and got the same treatment as her son did before.  Leon held her and moved her head around so she could see Scott’s body and then her half naked son.  She started to shake and tried to speak from under Leon’s hand. 

He took his hand away and she began to plead. “What have you done to my son? Why is he naked?” she cried.  Leon told her “He just got his first blow job. See?” and he pointed to Sheila, with the cum dripping from her face.  “What’s your name mom?” Leon asked.  “Julie. It’s Julie. Please let me go to my son.  He shouldn’t be like that.”  Leon let her go and she ran to Jimmy and pulled up his pants and held him tight and told him it was ok. 

“Your boy says his sisters are in the RV.  Get them in here”, Mike ordered her.  Julie said “Please don’t hurt them. You can have the RV. Just leave us alone”.  Mike said “There’s two dead fools in here now. You wanna be three? Get them!”  Julie told him “It’s been a long ride and they’re both asleep.  Let me go wake them.”  “Damn, I know you white folk think we’re stupid but I don’t think that’s a good idea” Mike replied.  He called Willy over and whispered to him for a moment.  Willy nodded and got the tape and went outside.  “What’s he gonna do?  Leave us alone!” Julie screamed hysterically.  Mike walked over and puncher her as hard as he could in the stomach.  She let out a gush of air and then a little squeaky sound as she tried to get her breath back, and grabbing her middle she fell to her knees and rolled over on her side.  Jimmy bent down, crying and trying to help his mom.

“The rest of my guys will be here in a minute. Just everybody relax. There’s lots more fun for you all coming real soon.” Mike told the victims. He then went to them one at a time and cut off any remaining clothes they may still have had on.  He left Julie untouched as he needed her dressed for when they moved out. He also left Jeanne dressed. “I’ve got plans for her pops” he said as he patted Dick on his head and laughed. The gang talked among themselves and the only other sounds were soft crying and sniffling from some of the victims.

Finally a big van pulled into the lot.  A number of gang members came in and were excited to see what Mike had for them.  Mike gave keys to the victims’ cars to different men, along with the persons’ identification. “You all know what to do. Take care of everything and then get to the warehouse so you can have some fun” Mike told his cronies.  He had the van brought to the back of the diner. He had his men take Sheila, Dick, Jeanne, Lisa, Arlene, Jimmy and Jenny out to the van.  Julie was taken to the RV by Trey.  Fred and Tara were the last two victims.  Mike said “Do you want to live?”  They both shook their heads wildly.  Mike pulled out his cock and told Tara “Blow me and if you get me off in five minutes or less you live. Oh, and your man will be fucking you in the ass at the same time and he can’t cum. He cums he dies. Get him hard first. Understand?” Tara and Fred said yes and they were freed from the tape and Tara began to blow her husband.

It was understandably taking time for Fred to get stiff.  “Let’s go fools. We gotta travel” Mike complained.  Tara began to play with Fred’s balls and really slobbered over his cock and finally he was hard enough to try fucking her.  Tara bent over and spread her asshole so Fred could get in.  He spit in her anus and wet his dick and pushed into her.  They didn’t have anal often but enough times so it wasn’t all that difficult for Fred to get inside her fully.  Mike stood in front of the bending Tara and put his cock in her mouth. “Five minutes bitch” he told her as he looked at the clock on the wall.  Mike knew he could hold out as long as he wanted to.  He was going to wait until Fred came.

Tara was playing with Mike’s balls and licking his cock and jerking it with her hand.  “I ain’t feeling it bitch” he complained.  She started to try to take him deep throat as far as she could. She was having trouble maintaining her balance while Fred was banging her ass.  He was trying to take it slow and think about anything but what he was doing so he wouldn’t cum before Mike. “Three minutes gone. You better hurry” Tara heard. Mike was semi-hard and she was really going at it, desperately trying to save herself and Fred.  Mike enjoyed the blow job as he waited for Fred to finish.  Fred was doing all he could to keep going but he moaned loudly and shot into his wife’s ass.  She pulled off Mike’s cock and looked behind her to scream “No Fred!! Nooo!!”

Mike told her “To show how nice I am I’m gonna let you live babe. But he came before I did so he dies”.  Mike motioned to Leon who was standing behind Fred and he stabbed him a number of times in the back and pushed him down the aisle.  Tara screamed as Fred fell to his knees and began to cough up blood.  He wavered a few seconds and just fell face down on the floor and was obviously dead.

Leon then grabbed Tara and held her tightly.  “I said I’d let you live but I can’t have you identify us, can I?” Mike said as he pried her mouth open and cut her tongue out.  She gurgled blood and made horrible noises as she felt intense agony.  Mike then plunged the knife into her right eye and twisted it around. Tara passed out right after spitting out a large amount of blood as her eye was pierced.  Then her other eye was taken out and Leon dropped her to the floor.  “She’s alive, right?” Mike asked Leon and they both had a good laugh as they went out to the RV.

As they left they saw all the cars were gone and the van was well down the road.  They climbed into the RV and Mike said “Damn! This is as big as my momma’s house”.  Julie was in the driver’s seat with tape wrapped around her torso to restrain her but allow her to drive.  “Where’s my son? Why isn’t he with you?” she whined.  “He’s with all the others. Probably already getting his cock sucked” Mike told her with a laugh.

Willy called to them from the back “Come look at what I found. You ain’t gonna believe this shit”. Mike and Leon walked back, admiring all the expensive items in the luxury RV.  They got all the way to the bedroom area and found Willy holding a naked girl in front of him.  “Sweet!” Leon exclaimed. “All blonde and small”.  “That ain’t the best part” Trey said from the corner.  He yanked the blanket from a bed and uncovered another naked girl, shivering in fear.  He reached down and pulled her up.  Mike and Leon stared at the two females.  “Holy shit” Mike yelled out. “Yeah. Cool, ain’t it? Fucking twins man!” 

“You leave them alone goddamn you!” Julie screeched from her seat.  Mike walked back down to her and she cowered in fear as he got close.  “I ain’t gonna hit you moms. I need you to drive. Just be cool and understand we own you and your kids now. The sooner you get that the better we’ll all get along. Got it!?” he asked.  Julie finally accepted defeat and whispered “yes”. “But please don’t kill us. Do you promise?” she pleaded.  Mike thought to himself how stupid she was but told her “Sure. Sure. We just wanna play for a while and then you all go free.  Now you tell your girls to obey us and then we can leave.” 

Julie turned as far as she could and yelled to her daughters “You do what these men say. I don’t care what it is. Do you understand? Please listen to me this one time girls”.  One of them yelled back “Where’s Jimmy mom? What’s happening?”  “Please don’t argue with me girls. Jimmy’s fine and we’re going to where he is now. If you obey and don’t cause trouble we’ll all be fine. OK? Please”.  “Ohhh… OK mom. We’ll be good” she yelled back.  Mike told Julie “Now just drive normally.  Don’t speed or do anything stupid. I’ll tell you where to go.” “You guys get started back there.  Don’t take forever. I want some fresh” he told his men.

The men told the girls to sit on the bed.  “What’s your names? How old are you?” Leon asked.  “I’m Joan and this is Jane. We’re 15. Please, what’s going on? Who are you people?” one said.

“Didn’t your mom tell you to do what we want? We’re gonna be friends” Leon told them. The men looked over the new meat.  They were 5’1”, both about 100 pounds, with long; very light brown, almost blond hair. They were very pretty and had perfect little boobs. Small but not tiny. Like little apples on their chest. Just enough for a little jiggle.

They stared up at these huge black men with their big eyes, innocently covering themselves with their hands and arms as best they could.  They couldn’t help but be fascinated as they watched the three men strip down.  The RV rumbled down the highway as Leon sat next to Joan. “How can we tell you two apart?”  She said the only difference was that she shaved her pubes completely and Jane left a little patch.  “Let me see honey” he said as he gently moved her hands away.  He motioned to Jane to move her hands as well.  “That’s a good girl. You do what we say and we’ll all have fun”. “And you told the truth too. Good girl”. 

Leon asked them “Either of you fuck before?” The girls both shook their heads “no”.  “Your mom wants us to teach you how to have sex and do it good”.  The girls looked at him in disbelief.  “You can trust me. Ask your mom. Go ahead” he said. Jane yelled down “Mom. They want us to have sex with them.  They said you want us to.  I don’t want to mom.  I’m scared”.  Julie had tears in her eyes as she yelled back “I told you already Janie.  You and your sister do everything they say.  I want you to.  Please don’t ask me again.”  “See. You’re gonna enjoy it all girls.  Now let’s get going” Leon ordered.  Julie glared at Mike with a look to kill. “You bastards. Why are you destroying my family?”  “Because we can and we like it, ya dumb cunt. Now watch the road and shut up” Mike said angrily.

The three men were nude now.   Leon and Willy stood in front of the girls and Trey sat next to Joan.  Leon held his limp cock out to Jane and Willy did the same to Joan.  “First you learn to suck” Leon said and the men grabbed the girls heads and pulled them to their cocks.  Their little mouths opened and got their first taste of black dick.  Leon told them how to do it as Trey began to play with Joan.  “Lick the whole cock” Leon said. “That’s the way. Make it all wet baby”. The girls were trying their best to please the men and their mom.  Trey had his mouth on one of Joan’s tits, sucking the whole thing into his mouth and licking the nipple. His finger was in her snatch working in and out.  She was starting to moan a bit as she got worked up.  “That’s right baby.  We’ll make you feel good” Leon said. Their cocks were beginning to swell and the girls moved faster over them.  Trey got up and knelt in front of Jane.  He put his finger back into Joan and began to lick Jane’s pussy.

The standing men were almost ready to fuck and were holding the girls heads tightly as they pushed their cocks in as far as possible. The girls were drooling saliva down their chests.  Trey bit down very slightly on Jane’s clit and it sent a pleasant shock through the young girl and she made a little yelping noise. Trey got up. “C’mon man, they’re ready now. Let’s go”.  Leon and Willy agreed and pulled their cocks away from the girls.  They looked up at the men, their faces all wet and shiny, with drool dripping down. 

The girls were placed on one bed, side by side.  Leon knelt between Jane’s legs and Willy between Joan’s.  “It’s gonna hurt a little at first but you’ll feel great right after that” Willy told them.  The girls nodded and held hands as the men positioned themselves.  Trey sat on the bed and played with the girl’s tits as he waited.

Leon put Jane’s legs on his shoulders as did Willy with Joan.  They worked their dick heads inside and pushed just a bit.  The girls held hands tightly and looked down at the large cocks about to turn them into women. Leon looked at Willy and said “Now!” and both men plunged into each teen’s pussy, ripping away their hymens.  The girls screeched and cried out.  Julie yelled “What are they doing?” Mike told her to keep driving or else. The men stayed deep inside as they enjoyed the tightness and heat of young teen twat.  The girls cried a bit but as the men began to move in and out they relaxed more.  The two rapists began to fuck faster and harder, slamming against the girls and drawing grunts from them on each thrust.  Leon pulled out and had Jane get into doggy position.  He put his fingers into her pussy and drew them out showing her blood on them to Trey.  He slammed back into her pussy and she lost her balance and fell flat onto the bed. He put his legs inside hers and spread them as far open as he could. He lay on top of her little body and viciously rammed deep into Jane. “It hurts! Stop! I don’t want to any more!” Jane cried out. “Too fucking bad cunt” Leon yelled “You belong to us now and we’re gonna fuck you every day”.  He pulled out of her and flipped her over. While ramming back in as hard as he could, he put one large hand on her throat and began squeezing. “I can snap your neck right now or you start fucking me back like you love me” Leon said.  Jane began to turn red as her airway was blocked.  She began to lift her hips up to meet his thrusts and he took away his hand and she sucked in air and coughed a bit.

Leon lay flat on her and had her hook her legs on his back. Willy had told Joan she had better do like her sister or he’d hurt her bad.  He got tired of the one position and now she was riding him cowgirl style. He had her little tits in his hands and was squeezing hard enough to hurt her. Both girls were crying and scared to death.  Willy finally pulled Joan down onto his body and wrapped his arms around her as he thrust up into her one more time, shooting his load deep inside her.  His cock spasmed a few more times as his seed continued to fill the poor girl’s pussy.

Willy held onto Joan and watched as Leon was ramming balls deep into his girl.  He finally was ready to cum and pushed all the way in and Jane felt a man’s juice in her for the first time.  He pumped a few times until he was satisfied.  His large black, sweaty body covered his little victim. He pulled out of her and saw the cum start to dribble out. He stuffed some of the sheet into her pussy and told her “You need to get knocked up.  Gonna make us some money girl”. Jane heard that and quickly pulled the sheet out. “I don’t want a baby. Please stop hurting me!” Leon leaned over and slapped her face hard a number of times. Her cheeks turned beet red and she cried like a newborn. He lifted her legs up and pushed a pillow under her ass and ordered her to stay like that so the cum stayed in her.  Jane kept on crying, her hands covering her face, but she remained in position, too scared to disobey again.

Willy told Joan to get off him and get in the same position as her sister, which she quickly did. “You must be the smarter one” he said with a laugh. “Didn’t have to hit you at all”.  He knelt next to her head and had her clean off his cock.

As Trey was getting ready to have his fun, Mike yelled from the front “Heads up guys. Keep them quiet and shut the curtain back there.”  Mike had seen two people down the road hitchhiking. He told Julie to drive a ways past them and then pull over.  “Wherever they say they’re going, you tell them that’s fine. Just get them onto the steps here and I’ll handle the rest. Don’t even think of warning them or your kids die real nasty. Just be nice and friendly. Got it?” Resigned to never having a free choice again, Julie dejectedly shook her head “yes”.

The two hikers heard the RV approaching and turned with their thumbs up.  It drove past and they thought it was a no go.  But it pulled over a short way down the road and they trotted up to the front door.  Julie opened up and smiled at the girls.  As she did so, Mike opened the side door and waited.  One of the hikers said “We’re heading to L.A.”.  Julie said that’s where she was going and to climb in.  As the girls unhooked their back packs and started up the steps, Mike ran down and got behind them.  Just as the first girl saw Julie clearly she remarked “Why are you taped in the seat?” Before she got an answer, Mike pushed his gun into the back of the other girl and said “That’s so she can’t get away”. She screamed and was quickly pushed against her friend and they both fell inside the RV. Mike told Julie to shut the door and take off.  The girls were terrified as they saw some nude black men coming from the back and another standing over them with a gun.  “Don’t you know you shouldn’t hitchhike?” Mike said and he and the other men laughed at the new victims.  Mike went back to the front to direct Julie.

Leon sat near the new women, his flaccid cock hanging down in front of them.  He started to rummage through their back packs.  “Who belongs to us now?” he asked out load as he found one wallet and looked at the license.  “Dianna Pace is the new white girl, boys” he told the others. The second girl was Lilly Thang.  “What are you, a Jap?” Leon asked.  “I’m Filipino-American”, she replied.  “Why were you going to L.A.?”  “To become actresses”, she answered.  Leon laughed loudly and said “You’re gonna be making movies a lot sooner than you thought honey”. 

There was loud crying coming from the back of the RV and the two new girls were looking in that direction.  Leon noticed and said “Wanna see what that is?” Dianna told him “No. That’s ok”. “It wasn’t really a question, stupid” he said, very annoyed.  “Get up”.  The women rose and went to the back with Leon and Willy.  The curtain was pushed open to reveal Joan getting ass fucked by Trey.  Jane was in doggy position next to her sister with her asshole red and gaping open.  Dianna gasped and looked away and Lilly just lowered her head.  Leon yelled at Trey, in mock anger, “Why’d you fuck both their asses? That’s greedy bro”.  Trey looked around as he kept on plowing Joan’s ass.  “Fuck you man. You got their cherry. Can’t pass up two little asses like this”. He pulled out of Joan and moved to Jane.  Joan’s asshole remained wide open as she cried loudly.  Trey plunged all the way into Jane, bringing a loud moan and more tears from her.  He began to fuck her as hard as he could, trying to make it hurt.  “You have fun man. Take your time”, Leon told him as they escorted the new girls back down the aisle.

Leon told them to sit and blow him and Willy.  They stood in front of them and reluctantly did as ordered.  “Do it nice and slow ladies” he told them.  “We’re gonna be where we’re going in a few minutes and then the real fun starts”.  The woman continued working over the large black cocks as they wondered how much worse it was going to get, all the while having to listen to the pitiful crying from the back.