Sams Dubai nightmare , Part four

Samantha was moaning in excruciating pain as she dangled limply in the air.  Her back, breasts, and buttocks were all red and purple, and covered in the thickest, most pronounced welts.  There was even some blood speckled on these areas, as the girl’s skin had finally broken after getting flayed hundreds of times by the horrible whip.  Jalil had spent nearly thirty minutes straight pummeling the poor American, and it looked like she’d received the absolute harshest punishment in those parts of the world where public floggings were still administered.  
“Please…no more,” Samantha whimpered, her voice hoarse from screaming so loudly for so long. 
“You will suck me now and others too,” Jalil proclaimed, as he finally walked over to the crank and lowered the blonde back to the cold, hard floor.
Once she was back on her knees the Arab grabbed a chair from nearby and placed it down in front of her before sitting atop it.  Samantha whined in misery and disdain as the hairy ogre grabbed her skull and coarsely slapped the tip of his gigantic cock against her lips.  It was the most repulsing penis imaginable and it took all of her willpower to part her lips rather than pull away from it.
“Put all in your mouth, and if you bite I will hit you hundred times,” Jalil warned, looking into the girl’s lovely blue eyes.
With her lips wrapped around the head of the Arab’s dick all Samantha could do was nod her head in response.  She quickly began working her mouth up and down the huge cock, using only her neck since her hands were still tied above her.  The American closed her eyes and pushed her head down as far as she could, and took nearly all 9” of Jalil’s dick inside her throat in the process.  After a few seconds she could no longer suppress her gag reflex and lifted her head back up.  However, she instantly lunged forward again, filling her mouth and gullet with the Arab’s mighty penis.
Jalil grabbed hold of the blonde’s head and forcefully jerked her mouth up and down the entire length of his prick.  He groaned in delight each time he felt the sensitive head of his penis grind its way down Samantha’s fragile throat.  He could hear the American repeatedly groaning and retching, yet she did not stop working her mouth back and forth against the Arab’s huge dick.  
“Uuuugggghhhhhhhh!!!” Samantha croaked, yanking her head back as she nearly vomited after squeezing Jalil’s cock inside her throat for almost the 50th time.
The 19-year-old yelped in pain as Jalil slapped her face suddenly and harshly before tapping his penis against her face.  Samantha’s eyes were filled with torment and tears were once again starting to trickle from them.  She took a deep breath before wrapping her lips back around the Arab’s cock and pumping her mouth up and down it.  
Jalil made the blonde deep-throat him over and over again for nearly 15 minutes with almost no interruptions.  It was beyond brutal for poor Samantha, as she repeatedly gagged and nearly puked on the Arab’s cock.  Each time he saw her even begin to hurl, however, Jalil slapped the girl so hard that she immediately controlled it.  Although she did a much better job than yesterday, the American still couldn’t fit all 9” of Jalil’s penis inside her throat, nor was she able to remain composed whenever Jalil roughly pounded his dick in and out of her esophagus.  
“Mmmmmgggghhhhhhhhh!!!” Samantha cried, her tiny body shuddering in disgust as Jalil buried nearly his entire cock inside her mouth and began ejaculating straight down her throat.
“No!!! Drink!! Drink fucking whore!!” The Arab shouted, keeping the struggling girl’s face pinned against his manhood while he continued spewing inside her gullet.
Samantha was so appalled by the huge Middle Eastern monster, and would have given anything to just bite his dick off right then and there.  She moaned in revulsion and gulped down a large mouthful of the man’s sperm.  More and more of it continued gushing into her mouth, and she reluctantly swallowed all of the sickening fluid.  After he was through Jalil finally drew his penis out of the American’s throat and grabbed his cell phone from a nearby table.  He dialed a number and spoke a few words in Arabic before hanging up.
“Get ready, much more sucking for you today,” Jalil forewarned, turning his attention to the weary blonde.
In less than two minutes Samantha heard the door at the top of the stairway open and the sound of heavy footsteps as someone made his way down.  When he got to the base of the stairs she saw that it was another one of Hassan’s guards.  Samantha recognized the man from yesterday, as he’d been one of the men who’d raped her.  He was very huge like Jalil, standing about as tall as her trainer but appearing even heavier.  He had the most devious smile on his face as he approached the kneeling blonde.
“Damn you’ve been having some fun on her tits Jalil,” the man remarked in Arabic, laughing as he stared at Samantha’s bruised and battered chest.
“Yeah it’s been wonderful brother,” Jalil replied back, also in his native language. “Go ahead and fuck the whore’s mouth, she still needs a lot of training. Make sure you pound her throat good.”
“Gladly brother,” stated the guard, as he removed his pants and underwear and sat down in front of the American.
“No please,” Samantha begged, recoiling in fear as the huge Arab reached for her head. 
Samantha struggled for a brief moment before the guard seized her head and jammed his unbelievably large cock into her mouth.  She yelped in fear and surprise as the Arab giant brutally shoved the entire length of his shaft inside her throat.  Samantha tried to remain calm and relax her gullet, but as the man started slamming in and out of the narrow passage it was simply impossible.  She was also extremely drained from the savage throat-fucking Jalil had just given her, and did not have the strength either mentally or physically for another one.  
“Fucking whore!!!” The Arab shouted furiously, pulling his cock out of Samantha’s lips just before she began puking all over the floor.
“Aaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!!!” The American screamed, as her cheek suddenly exploded in a world of pain.
“You stupid American whore!!” The huge guard roared in Arabic, pointing down at the puddle of vomit before viciously slapping the blonde again.
“Aaaaaoooowwwww!!! Stop!!! Please!!” Samantha cried, burrowing her cheek against her sweaty armpit to shield herself from more hits. 
“Open your fucking mouth bitch!!” The Arab commanded, jerking up on Samantha’s hair and giving her yet another fierce slap.
“Aaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhh!! Stop hit—,” the blonde squealed, before she was cut off by the huge guard’s invading cock.
Samantha gagged wretchedly as the Arab stuffed his entire cock inside her throat and started hammering it once more.  She was crying so miserably now as the huge brute held her head still and savagely raped her gullet.  He was even worse than Jalil, as it seemed like he was purposefully trying to clobber her throat and kill her.  In less than a dozen seconds Samantha could not take it anymore and began shaking her head wildly as she started choking on the man’s dick.
“What the fuck is wrong with you whore?!” The Arab yelled, slapping Samantha so hard that his palm hurt.
“Aaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!!! Stop!! Please!!!” Samantha screamed in total pain and fear. “Please stop—don’t hit me!! Please don’t hit me!!”
“Open your mouth bitch and keep it open while I fuck it,” the massive guard commanded, raising his hand again in a threatening gesture.
Samantha let out a premature scream and cowered in terror.  Because he could only speak in his native tongue Samantha had no idea what the man was saying.  Her left cheek stung so badly and felt like it had been broken.  She was already so terrified of the Arab and for the first time she wanted to be left alone with her trainer Jalil.  
“No please!! Stop—I can’t!!” Samantha pleaded, as the huge brute grabbed a clump of her hair and brought his cock against her lips once more.
The Arab plunged his huge penis back into Samantha’s mouth and resumed pummeling her poor throat.  Samantha tried her absolute best to loosen her gullet and stay calm but it was simply impossible, as the Middle Eastern giant was intent on making her puke again.  Sure enough, in less than a minute the blonde’s petite, skinny body convulsed before she threw up what was mostly sperm from her belly.
“Stupid American piece of shit!!” The enraged guard screamed, before striking Samantha yet again with his open palm.
“Oooooowwwwwwwww!!! Please just leave me alone!!!” The tiny blonde wailed in pain and frustration.
Jalil stood to the side of the 19-year-old American and watched with a smile as his friend speared his huge dick back into Samantha’s mouth.  The image of the girl’s face grimacing in fear, misery and disgust as her throat was ruthlessly pummeled was simply amazing.  Jalil continued to watch for more than five minutes as his fellow colleague gave Samantha the most brutal face fucking of her young life.  His cock was nearly as long as Jalil’s, and he repeatedly drove the entire length of it inside Samantha’s gullet before slamming it in and out of the girl’s food-pipe.
“No bitch!! Swallow it you fucking American whore!!” The man growled, gripping Samantha’s head firmly while he began ejaculating inside her mouth.
“Drink it!!” Jalil commanded also, before delivering an excruciating lash to the blonde’s ass with his whip.
“Aaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!” Samantha screamed, as she stopped struggling and began gulping down the Arab’s sperm.
Both Samantha and her rapist were groaning, although the American’s were filled with suffering and disgust while the Arab’s were clearly ones of pleasure.  His hairy ass was clenched as he milked every single drop of his cum down Samantha’s throat and into her little belly.  As soon as he was finished and relaxed his grip on her skull the 19-year-old yanked her head away and squealed in disdain and suffering.
“Well done brother,” Jalil congratulated his good friend in Arabic, patting him on the shoulder. “When you go upstairs tell the others to come. I want all of them to fuck this bitch’s mouth. She needs to learn her place.”
“Of course Jalil, I’ll let them all know,” the satisfied guard replied, smiling down at Samantha.
In a short moment the violent Arab donned his pants again and was gone from the room.  Samantha was a wreck as she sobbed and tried to recover, physically and emotionally, from what had just happened.  Her chin and lips were slimy with the Arab’s sperm and her own vomit and saliva, and she wanted to wipe them so badly.  Her throat hurt so badly after taking yet another vicious pounding from another huge cock.
“Having fun Jalil???” A voice called in Arabic from nearby.
“Too much fun Hameed,” Jalil replied, turning to acknowledge another one of Hassan’s guards walking down the stairway.
“Abdul told me to come here,” the enormous Arab declared. “He said you need some help with this little white piece of shit.”
“Yeah she needs to learn how to suck a dick,” Jalil confirmed. “Go ahead Hameed, give her throat a nice hard pounding. If she’s difficult go ahead and slap the disrespect out of her.”
“Noooooooooo,” Samantha whined, recoiling as the overweight man stripped his pants and got in position before her. 
“Get over here bitch,” Hameed growled, grabbing a fistful of the American’s hair and yanking her toward his hideously thick penis.
“No!! Get away from me!!!” Samantha screeched, twisting her head as the ugly guard pressed the head of his cock against her lips.
A powerful slap to the face immediately subdued the little blonde, and she dejectedly remained still and spread her lips for Hameed’s hardened cock.  As soon as he plunged it into her mouth Samantha winced in sheer disgust, as it literally tasted like shit.  This was because, unbeknownst to Samantha, the Arab had fucked one of Hassan’s other slaves in the ass only an hour ago.  At slightly over 7” the man’s penis was one of the shortest ones Samantha had serviced inside the mansion thus far, but it was unbelievably thick and still much larger than anyone of her past boyfriend’s.
“Aaaaauuuucccckkkkkkkkk!!!” The tiny blonde gagged violently, as Hameed packed the entire shaft of his dick inside her throat and held it there.
Samantha squeezed her eyes shut, as she could not stand to look at the huge bush of black pubic hair right in front of her.  She tried to pull her head back but the Arab’s grip on her hair was so powerful and secure.  She felt so angry and revolted as he wrapped his other hand around her neck and laughed as he felt the bulge of his cock stretching her esophagus.  
“Damn this bitch’s mouth feels good,” Hameed declared to the other guard, as he began slamming the poor American’s face back and forth against his penis.
Samantha began retching and crying again as her gullet was pummeled once more.  She looked so utterly pathetic on her knees with her arms tied above her while a hideously fat and hairy Arab fucked her throat raw.  The sounds of Hameed’s cock smashing against her face and the heavy drool of spit and cum seeping down the blonde’s chin were both gross and incredibly sexy.
“Eeeeeuuuugggghhhhhh!! Please!!! No—no more!!” Samantha begged dismally, as the hairy Middle Eastern finally pulled out of her mouth after fucking it nonstop for several minutes.
“Shut up stupid American whore,” Hameed responded in Arabic, slapping the 19-year-old’s face before turning his attention to her breasts. “And why are your fucking tits so small?”
“AAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!! STOP!!!” Samantha screamed, twisting around in agony as the man reached down and pinched her breasts between his thumbs and index fingers as hard as he could.
“I thought you American bitches were all supposed to have huge tits?” Hameed asked, chuckling as he continued mercilessly pinching and twisting Samantha’s small, welt-covered breasts with his fingers.
“AAAAAAOOOOWWWWW!!! STOP IT!! THAT HURTS!!!” Samantha shrieked, looking up at the repulsive Arab in torture and anger.
“Worthless fucking bitch! Your tits are smaller than mine for fuck’s sake!” The guard laughed, as he began slapping the blonde’s A-cup breasts around in the most disgraceful manner.
Samantha continued screaming and weeping as the Arab cruelly slapped and pinched her chest for over a minute.  He continued to mock the size of her tits in Arab, and even though she could not understand his words, Samantha could tell by his tone and the way he was tormenting her that he was not pleased with her diminutive breasts.  
“OOOOOOOWWWWWW!! PLEASE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” Samantha squealed, writhing around in her bonds as the guard pinched her little pink nipples and began twisting them in excruciating fashion.
“You’re lucky I’m not the one training you bitch,” Hameed growled, wrenching the American’s nipples to the brink of tearing. “Otherwise I’d never leave these tiny, pathetic tits alone.”
Samantha screamed in tremendous pain as the despicable, fat Arab continued mauling her firm little breasts with his fingers.  Unlike Jalil, Hameed did not find the American’s petite breasts attractive one bit, as he preferred very large and voluptuous ones.  He loved titty-fucking Hassan’s slaves, but Samantha’s weren’t even large enough to do that.  And because he could not fuck them, Hameed planned on inflicting a lot of pain on the small mounds.
“LET GO OF ME YOU CRAZY MOTHERFUCKER!!!” Samantha screamed in agony, glaring up at the huge Arab as he crushed her breasts between his fat fingers.
The blonde’s defiant and furious command was so unexpected that Hameed raised his eyebrows in surprise.  He then frowned in displeasure and slapped the skinny little American so hard that he thought he heard her jaw crack.  Samantha yelped in intense pain and immediately started weeping as she cowered before Hassan’s guard.  
“No please don’t!! Please!!! It—it hurts so much!!” Samantha begged, squirming around in panic as Hameed reached down and snatched her small breasts again.
“These fucking tits are a joke,” the man growled in Arabic, drawing laughter from Jalil. “I’m going to punish them for being so small.”
Samantha squealed in horrendous pain as the evil guard pinched her beaten breasts between his fingers and crushed them in spite.  As he repeatedly squeezed and twisted the poor mounds Hameed continued insulting them.  Although she had no idea what the man was saying, Samantha knew by now he was berating her for the size of her chest.  Her face was flush with shame as Hameed momentarily stopped squashing her breasts and began slapping them from side to side in the most debasing fashion.  
“Okay American whore, get that mouth back over here,” Hameed declared, grabbing Samantha’s head after he was finally satisfied tormenting her breasts. “I’ll deal with your tiny tits later.”
Samantha groaned in despair as the Arab sank his dick back into her mouth.  While she was very glad to have him leave her breasts alone, the thought of pleasuring him after how he’d just treated her was difficult to stomach.  Nevertheless, as he gripped her head and stuffed his penis down her throat Samantha did her best to keep her composure and let the Arab have his fun.  She used her tongue and caressed the underside of his enormous cock as it battered her jaws and gullet.
“Even though your tits are small at least your mouth is good for something,” Hameed declared, grinning while he watched the little blonde choke on his dick.
“Aaaaaauuuuucccckkkkkkk!!! Eeeeeuuuuuuggggghhhhhh!!” Samantha shrieked, struggling wildly as the Arab rammed his penis down her throat and suddenly began dumping his sperm down into her belly.
“No you don’t bitch!” Hameed laughed, as he held the American’s head firmly in his giant hands. “You stay there and drink that cum you little white slut.”
Samantha nearly puked as she gulped down Hameed’s warm, syrupy cum.  She already felt nauseous from having swallowed Jalil’s and the other guard’s, and the thought of drinking more disgusting Arab sperm was just horrendous.  Even though she tried not to think about anything, she could hear the guard muttering in Arabic as he drained his semen down her throat and she wanted to murder him so badly.  
“Well done you white piece of shit,” Hameed said in Arabic, pulling his cock from Samantha’s mouth after he was finished.
“You too Hameed, I hope you enjoyed yourself,” Jalil stated, patting his friend on the shoulder. 
“I certainly did brother,” the fat, grinning Arab replied. “I wonder when Hassan will let us take her up the ass. I want to fuck her asshole while I tear those little tits off.”
“Yeah same here,” Jalil agreed, as he stared at the weeping 19-year-old. “I think he will in a few days, hopefully. But until then I don’t mind fucking her pussy, it’s damn tight and feels so good.”
“I heard from the others,” Hameed said, as he pulled his pants and briefs back on. “I’ll have to try it out for myself later. Hopefully I’ll have some time before you give her back to Hassan. I want to hurt her tiny tits some more too.”
“Sounds good Hameed,” Jalil declared, as his friend made his way back toward the staircase. “Tell all of the others to come. I want every single one of them to fuck her mouth today.”
“Please,” Samantha groaned, looking down at the floor as Jalil stepped in front of her. “No more. I’m—I can’t do this anymore. Please just stop—please just leave me alone.”
“No much more for you,” Jalil reminded the weary, dejected blonde. “You suck all of Hassan’s men. Many men will come down today for you.”
Samantha perched her head back and started bawling as the man’s words echoed inside her mind.  She could not bear the thought of sucking another massive, Arab cock.  Her jaws and throat ached so badly and her cheeks were still stinging from getting slapped countless times.  Worst of all, though, was the appalling feeling of Jalil’s and the other guards’ sperm inside her stomach.  Samantha was convinced that she was going to throw it all up if she was forced to drink even one more drop of cum.
“Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha whined, tugging at her bonds as the basement door opened and another massive guard marched down the stairs.
“Abdul! Shit I thought you were going away for a few weeks?” Jalil called out to the man in excitement.
“I was brother, but they didn’t need me,” the brawny Arab replied, taking off a pair of sunglasses as he got to the base of the stairs. “Is this the American Hassan has been so excited about?”
“Yes she is,” Jalil confirmed, as he looked at the kneeling blonde. “I just started training her. As you can see, she has a lot to learn.”
“Shit, she’s fucking tiny,” Abdul remarked, as he eyed Samantha’s petite body and badly beaten chest. “She’s a hot one though. I like her little tits.”
“You should have seen Hameed a second ago,” Jalil stated. “He couldn’t keep his hands off of them. You know him and how he loves huge breasts. He was squeezing and pinching her tits like a savage for being so small.”
“Oh yeah?” Abdul asked in English, startling the American. “Is that true? Did Hameed hurt your tits for being so tiny?”
“What???” Samantha asked, still surprised at the man’s smooth English.
“I thought all you American whores were supposed to have huge breasts?” The guard asked. “Why are yours so small?”
Samantha felt her cheeks starting to go flush.  She turned her gaze to the floor, not wanting to make eye contact with the Arab.  She felt a shiver run down her spine as he kicked his shoes off and began removing his clothes.  Just like the other guards, he was very large, standing about as tall as Jalil and weighing probably a little less than him.  Unlike the obese guard who’d just fucked her mouth, Abdul was much more muscular and fit.
“I asked you a question whore,” the Arab hissed, leaning down and yanking back on Samantha’s hair after he was done stripping. “Why are you tits so small?”
“I don’t—I don’t know, please,” Samantha quickly replied, trembling as the guard looked down at her.
“Is that why you came to Dubai? To make some money and get some implants?” Abdul continued, reaching down with his other hand and fondling one of the blonde’s breasts.
“No,” Samantha quickly replied, shaking even harder now. “Please, don’t hurt me sir. I’m—just please don’t hurt me.”
“No?” Abdul asked in surprise. “So you didn’t come to Dubai to be an escort? To fuck rich Arab men for money?”
“No,” Samantha answered, before taking a deep breath and reconsidering. “I mean, yes, I did. But not—not like this. I—I didn’t come here for this. Please sir, please help me. I’m—I need to go back home, I’m not supposed to be here.”
“Not supposed to be here?!” The Arab shouted. “What do you mean??? You just admitted you came here to escort, to fuck rich, old men for money. Hassan is old, and he is very, very rich. You should be happy to be his whore. You should be honored.”
“Nooooooooo!!” Samantha cried, writhing around as Abdul brutally pinched her nipple. “I’m not—I didn’t come here for this! This is fucking kidnapping!! I want to go home!!”
“This is your home now, you stupid American bitch,” Abdul shot back. “You belong to Hassan now. You’re just another one of his whores, and when he gets tired of you he’ll give you to us. And when he does, Jalil and I and the rest of his security, we are going to tear you apart.”
“No!! Leave me alone!!!” Samantha screamed, turning her body away from the man as he crushed her nipple between his fingers.
Abdul released the little pink nub and quickly took a seat on the stool directly in front of the blonde.  He grabbed Samantha’s long, sandy hair and tugged back on it while he brought the tip of his massive penis against her lips.  It was nearly as long as Jalil’s giant 9” cock and just as thick.  Samantha was already starting to weep as she thought about how awful it was going to be to have it pounding her throat in just a few seconds.
“Open your mouth bitch,” Abdul ordered the kneeling American.
“Please, don’t—don’t hurt me, please don’t put it in my throat,” Samantha begged, as she slowly parted her lips for the huge dick.
“Shut up you white whore,” the muscular Arab replied, before shoving more than half of his cock inside the blonde’s mouth.
Samantha instantly began crying and struggling as Abdul forced the remainder of his dick inside her gullet.  She tried to twist her head away but the huge guard held it in place while he slammed his penis in and out of her mouth.  The American immediately began choking on the massive prick, and in just a few moments Abdul had no choice but to pull out.
“What’s wrong whore? I thought all of you American bitches were good cock suckers?” Abdul asked, grinning as Samantha coughed violently.
The little 19-year-old blonde whined as Abdul tugged at her hair and shoved his cock back inside her mouth.  He pushed down on Samantha’s head until he felt her lips against the roots of his pubic hair.  He could feel the white-skinned slut quivering as she tried to keep her throat relaxed, even though it was stuffed with the Arab’s enormous penis.  Abdul held the blonde’s head still with both hands and proceeded to bash it against his dick.  This time he did not allow Samantha a reprieve, no matter how violently she gagged on his penis.  He fucked the girl’s mouth hard for several minutes, ravaging her throat until he finally shot his load of sperm inside her mouth.
“No, no, no,” Abdul stated, jerking back on Samantha’s hair as she resisted him. “Drink it you fucking white scum.”
Samantha screamed in utter disgust and misery as the Arab’s cum pooled inside her mouth.  Her eyes were closed and she was crying miserably.  After all of the swallowing she’d done earlier she could not stand the thought of having to drink anymore sperm.  It was just so terribly gross and made her absolutely sick to her stomach.  As the seconds ticked by more and more of Abdul’s seed filled her mouth, and by the time he was done ejaculating it was nearly spilling over the blonde’s lips.  
“I said drink it!” Abdul commanded, glaring down at the poor American. “Or Jalil will beat you until you’re bloody.”
Upon hearing those words Samantha wisely began swallowing the Arab’s cum.  It took her three gulps to get all of the milky fluid down into her stomach, and she almost puked as soon as she did.  Samantha could feel more traces of the guard’s cum on her lips and chin, and she was so ashamed.  
“Very good,” Abdul stated. “Thank you for that, you American cunt.”
The guard and Jalil exchanged a few words in Arabic while Abdul put his pants back on.  Samantha barely recognized that they were even talking as she was still much too distraught.  It wasn’t long before Abdul disappeared out of the room, leaving the tiny American and her trainer in silence. That silence was short-lived, however, as another of Hassan’s guards bellowed his arrival.
“No!! Nooooooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha cried, tugging at her bonds as the man walked straight towards her.
Despite her protests, within minutes Samantha’s mouth was once again filled with another huge Arab cock.  Like the rest of his peers, this newest guard was also incredibly malicious, as he forced the entire length of his dick inside the blonde’s throat and pummeled it.  Luckily for Samantha he did not last long, and after just a couple of minutes he dumped his cum down into the pit of her stomach.     
For the next 90 minutes or so eight more of Hassan’s men came down and viciously fucked the little American’s throat.  It was an absolute nightmare for Samantha, as all of them treated her in the most ruthless and despicable fashion.  Every single one of them made her deep-throat their massive cocks, and weren’t satisfied unless she was literally gagging and puking.  They also slapped the little blonde numerous times, and a few of them spit on her face as well.  When the last one was finished, Jalil immediately untied the 19-year-old and strapped her to the wooden T-shaped table, on her back with her legs spread as wide as possible.  He then gave the American another agonizing fucking, pounding her tiny vagina for more than ten minutes with his 9” penis until he finally filled her womb with his seed.  Samantha’s screams were so loud during the savage rape that many of the guards upstairs were able to hear them.
“Owwwwwwwww!!! Stop!! Stop it!!” Samantha screamed, staggering after Jalil as he untied her and began dragging her across the room by her hair.
“Let’s go! I get you ready for Hassan now!” The Arab giant declared, before hauling the exhausted blonde up the stairs.