New at the office

chapter 7 performance review

Come on, faster!” he told me while I felt his dick deep inside me while I sat on his lap on the couch. His hands were on my hips and guided my movements making sure I took the full length of his shaft every time I lowered myself on him. I looked into his predatory eyes while he fucked me. The extra push he gave with every move, holding me down when he was completely inside me. I arched back pressing down without being told, just to feel him more. I moaned as he finished his thrust and paused again, his body grinding against my clit while he held position. My bound hands could almost touch his balls, the more I tried, the more I felt him inside on the edge of pleasure and pain. “Please, too much I can’t. No more.” I begged him. “Oh!” I exalted as his fingers were on my clit yet again. “Come on girl, you wanted to earn dinner, one more, then you can have some.” He grinned thrusting in yet again. Exhausted I fell in his arms when I finally gave my last orgasm. “Cuffs please?” I asked. “Uh uh… flight risk.” He shook his head while he pulled my head back at the hair and softly bit my nipples. I sighed when I felt the pain, the pleasure of his bite. Vaguely something deep inside wanted more but it was just too much, I felt every muscle ache and every touch seemed to be magnified tenfold. I pulled myself away and looked at him. “But how can I eat then?” I sulked. “Well I can feed you or you owe me more to get released. What will it be?” he told me with a rather evil smile. I looked down at his already hardening dick. Feeding would be fine for now. Just fine.
Where am I? Slowly feeling returned in my limbs as my brain reconnected to my body. Where have I been, what have I. Oh right, date. Then tired, then sleep. I opened my eyes and looked at the day starting outside through the open curtains, it all looked nice and sunny. A blue sky and hardly any clouds. Cuffs? Somehow Hank never removed those cuffs and I still had those on. I looked around, Hank? He wasn’t next to me in the bed. I got up and looked around. It felt silly walking alone in an apartment with your hands on your back. Carefully I checked all the rooms but he was nowhere to be found. My ears caught a new sound. Phone! It couldn’t be mine, I certainly hadn’t been dressed enough to carry one to say the least, besides I had left mine at home. Yet there was clearly the sound of a phone. I looked around until I found it right there in the bedroom faithfully ringing. ‘Hank’ it said on the display. Now how do you answer a phone with your hands behind your back. That wasn’t so easy so I just placed my knees on both sides and pushed the screen with my fingers extending as much as I could to have the phone answer. “Hi there!” the familiair voice of Hank greeted me. “Where are you Hank, you need to uncuff me.” I told him immediately. “Now now, slow down. First things first. Push the cam button on the phone.” He answered. I looked down on the phone. Cam? Wait a minute…. “You bloody pervert. I am not going to do that!” I bitched at him. “Ok, no problem I have to go now I think.” He said drily. “Ok ok, happy now?” I said annoyed. “Oh… yes.” I could vaguely see his dirty smile on the phone when I looked down. “Now get me out of this.” I pressed on. “Not yet. First a promise.” he replied. “Promise, what promise. Get me out!” I demanded. “Not until you promise to be on another date with me.” He answered. I almost exploded. What! He put me through all this to blackmail me into another date. Who does he think he is! Well… my thoughts drifted back to last night. On the bed, the couch. “Ok promise.” I quickly answered. “Good, I liked the outfit, don’t overdress. The key is on the kitchentable. Don’ t be late for work.” He hung up and I looked at the time. I cursed loudly. I would have to hurry to get freed, get my stuff and hurry back to my apartment to retrieve my work clothes.
Quickly I ran to the kitchen, got the key, released myself after some fiddling with the key, then I walked over to the front door and hesitated for a moment. I had been standing naked on the other side the day before but this felt a bit awkward. I took a deep breath and opened the door. Nobody. I listened for a while but there were no sounds. Ok that was good. Carefully I stepped outside and went over to the hiding place where I had put my dress. Empty! How the, what could, How did this happen? Behind me I heard a click of a door. “Shit!” I yelled loudly. The door had closed, I stood here naked with just my boots on. I bowed down some and felt inside the boots. At least my house key I had put in there was still in the same place. Now what. I could not call Hank so that wasn’t an option. Back to my apartment naked? Hardly an option as well unless I wanted to go run through the area between the buildings. Maybe I could somehow get down using the emergency exit and then through the bushes. That might be an option. I walked over to the side of the building and opened the door to the metal staircase attached to the site of the apartment building. Down below I could see people walk to their work or other destinations. I prayed nobody would look up. Behind me the door slammed shut. Great, it seems the building was actively working against me. I started to descend seizing the area below me for possible cover but little luck so far. I had however little choice now and continued down until I was a few meters from ground level.
Movement caught my eye. A garbage truck was approaching. I hid myself as much as I could and waited for it to pass. However it stopped directly below me. Oh my, how I managed to get myself in trouble! I looked down at the guys stepping out truck and walking to the back. They were messing with some sort of storage area albeit hardly in a hurry. They chatted for a while right below me before they continued. One of the guys hang his coat on the side of the truck and lingered while his mates were already inside. He grabbed his phone and messed with it. I silently grinned as I saw what he was doing. He had opened a website and flipped through images of naked girls. If only he had looked up, then he would have seen so much more then what he saw on his phone. Someone inside yelled, he reacted and followed his mates inside, presumably to grab garbage containers. Jacket. It suddenly dawned on me. I scanned the area around the truck. Nobody there. I hurried down the stairs, jumped the last part. Ran over to the truck, grabbed the coat and swung it around my body then walked away as if there was nothing the matter ignoring the occasional look of people passing me. They might wonder about my strange choice of attire but at least everything was covered.
Nervously I looked at the clock when I arrived at the office. I hoped that nobody would notice my arrival. Inconspicuously I walked into the direction of the elevator. “ Miss ANDERSON!” a sharp voice made me freeze in my steps. My bos seemed to have an uncanny nose for anything out of order. “ Yes Sir” I said hesitantly. “Your late miss Anderson. I guess you need to be thought a lesson again. Follow me.” He told me and closed the distance to the elevators. He didn’t say a word during our time on the way up. When it stopped I noticed it was on the same floor as the gym. In fact, he walked directly towards the location of the gym. Oh please, not again tied up in the gym I prayed. “Hank!” the Boss yelling his name made him appear almost out of nowhere. “Yes Sir?” Hank asked. “The trainee has a little trouble being late. She needs to be exercised for a week so she will on time in future. Two hours a day she is all yours. See to it.” He was already on his way out when Hank acknowledged his command.

“Hi” his words made me look at him. I could see the smile on his face. I looked at him as if I was trying to burn him down with my eyes. This was all his fault. “Well go on, get your outfit on. You heard the Boss. You are mine for a week. Let’s start.” I hurried to get into my training clothes. What was he having in store for me? The looks on his face gave little hope on an easy time.

Chapter 8 correct attire


 “Come on, another round. What have you been doing all night? You are way too slow.” Hank yelled at me while I did round after round in the gym running with Hank next to me moving with such ease as if he was strolling in a sunny park. When I finished the last round I was breathing heavily and struggled to walk to the changing rooms, my muscles aching everywhere. I took off my training suit drained in sweat and headed for the shower. “Come back, were not done yet.” I startled when I heard Hank behind me. I wanted to cover myself, then stopped, that was silly he knew every part of my body already. I grabbed my suit again to put it back on. “No need for that, it’ s soaked anyway. Follow me…. Now” hesitantly I followed him. Somehow I did not even object. He walked over to an Elliptical in the gym. “On this thing. Continue until I say stop.” He ordered. “Naked?” I looked at him in surprise. Was he nuts? “Yes naked, didn’t you hear the boss. He put me in charge, remember? “ I looked at him and thought it over. “But did he really mean to have it go this far?” I hesitantly asked. “Maybe, Maybe not. You want to stop or follow my instructions? It might be interesting.” he said, he gave a meaningful wink and pushed on my behind in the direction of the elliptical. I gave up any objections and stepped forward to the machine. What was he planning? “Well go on, get on it. 15 minutes continuous. If you fail we repeat.” I looked at him. He didn’t look like he was joking. I sighed and got on it. 15 minutes should be a breeze on that thing. I grabbed the poles and put my feet on the paddles. The machine started to go in motion. It felt rather awkward to do this fully in the nude. I smirked at Hank looking rather interested on what I was doing, letting his eyes play freely with my body. “What are you doing?” I said when he retrieved a roll of duct tape and walked towards me. “Just continue, mind the time” he answered while he got a large piece of tape and wound it around one wrist. He ignored further protest and repeated it on the other side. “Don’t want you to run away like in the subway.” He grinned while he checked his handiwork.
I decided to ignore his messing around with tape and continued what I was doing. I almost stopped exercising when I suddenly felt his hand on my behind. It slowly moved down, closer and closer to something he already knew intimately. Very intimately. “Ouch” I yelled when he gave me a slap on the butt when I slowed down with the exercise after his fingers touched my labia. “That almost got you another 15 minutes dear. Don’t stop I said.” He told me in a sweet but strong voice. His hand returned, slid down to the same spot again. I shivered when the fingers reached my clit and started to circle. “Stop it, your distracting me.” I hissed at him. He started to move faster. “Please, this is distracting.” I repeated. He sped up some more, his fingers locating my entrance and dipping inside. I tried to concentrate on the elliptical, making my moves but with every move I lifted up and descended down on his fingers, his wonderful fingers. Touching, teasing, penetrating. “Hank… oh… oh please your making me cum. Please stop” I moaned. But his only response was further increasing his touching and stroking. I breathed heavily, trying to ignored, trying to forget his touch, his tease, his sliding inside me, the soft touch on my clit his every move, ever stroke. “And…. That’s another 15 minutes.” He looked at me triumphantly a while later, I was panting. Out of breath, out of strength, just completely out. “Please Hank, that’s the third time already. I am exhausted.” I begged him. “One more day training if you fail. The Boss will agree with me here. Giving up?” he asked. Faintly I nodded. My clit throbbing from the times he had made me cum on the damn contraption. Moisture dripping down my legs. I vaguely heard the duct tape being pulled away. “Go shower. See you tonight!” he said cheerfully as I hobbled to the showers. Finally the showers.
Slightly worried I stepped in the elevator that night. This time I would not behave like before I was sure of it. I had nice black lingerie and a short dress. Revealing, but not too much. He and his wishes for being naked at his door. No way. The elevator stopped and the doors opened. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the elevator. I was curious on what was going to happen now. I rang the bell, full of anticipation I waited for the door to open. “You are not naked, fix that first” he said when he opened the door, then he closed it right in my face. “Hank let me in!” No response. “Hank?” still nothing. I took a long deep breath. I was about to get furious. How dare he! Then I realized I wasn’t here just to leave again. I had expectations. I took off my dress, bra and panties and put them on the floor. Immediately the door opened, he clearly had been watching. He pushed a set of cuffs in my hands and grabbed the clothes from the floor. “Put them on, now.” He told me and closed the door again. I decided not to make a scene of this and put the cuffs on which took a bit of fiddling but then I obediently stood there with my hands cuffed in front. The door remained closed. “Hank?” I asked but it was silent. Did I hear the elevator? I stamped with my feet as if it would get any attention but nothing happened. Yes I clearly heard the elevator approaching. “Come on Hank, open the door, quickly.” I urged. But still no response. I banged the door to get his attention. The elevator stopped and I heard the doors slide open. Oh no, someone was entering this floor. I knocked the door, rang the bell. He wasn’t going to do this to me. He couldn’t He… The door opened and Hank pulled me inside. Grabbed my wrists and pulled the chain over a large clothes hanger I could just reach the floor by standing on my toes.
The doorbell rang. Hank looked at me teasingly. He grabbed the handle and opened the door. He started to talk to someone who was mere centimeters from my naked body! Was this really needed, couldn’t he have pretended not to be at home? Then, I suddenly felt his hand. His hand playing with my nipples. Squeezing, pinching and then moving down, all the way down to as he continued his conversation with the person outside. I sighed as his hand reached my pussy and he started stroking it. Wait a minute, was he seriously going to play with me while talking to someone? I tried to move as a way of protest but then his fingers invaded my innards. I could barely suppress a loud moan as he moved up and down while grinding against me. Up and down, up and down. The discussion with the man outside suddenly faded away and there was just his fingers touching me continuously. The bang of the door made me aware of the situation again. “Get me off he.. Oh!” my sentence was cut off in the middle by his fingers which sped up until I shut up and just moaned with little fast breaths in between. He lowered himself on his knees, not stopping his touching, his wonderful touching until it got replaced, by his tongue. I cried out a little when I felt him circle around my clit. His fingers pushing in so much deeper now. I placed one leg on his shoulders to make access for him easier. My hands grabbed the coat hanger and tied to squeeze it into little pieces as my mind filled with sensation of his tong, his penetrating fingers, the cuffs keeping me in place. My legs squeezed his head together as the orgasm came over me and I tried to pull the coat hanger from the wall.
I hardly noticed how he got me off the wall and carried me to the kitchen table. I didn’t feel the ropes tying me down to it. My body stretched and visible to his eyes in every detail. I vaguely noticed how he pushed away my knees. The feeling of him entering me was sudden and somehow unexpected. I moaned loudly as he pushed in. I grabbed the ropes and pulled hard while I used the soles of my feet to push against him. I wanted to grab him but the ropes prevented it. I wanted to put my legs around him but he had made sure I could nog even move or bend those. His hand grabbed my hips and he used his full strength. The table seemed to move from its place by the sheer force but that just couldn’t be, it was quite a sturdy thing. The hard wood bit itself in my back when I arched my back as he fucked me. I looked directly in his lustful eyes until I was so aroused I just closed them and enjoyed how he used me. When I was no longer looking all my other senses seemed to be heightened. The feeling of the sun peeking through the curtains he had closed. His heavy breathing as he moved his hips against me. His hands switching between my hips and spreading my legs. His dick penetrating deeply, time and time again. The table vibrating on the movements of our lust. I could hear the table scrape on the floor. Vaguely I thought the neighbor below might notice but then my brain shut down as he put his thumb on my clit. I moaned and pulled harder at the rope. A hopeless attempt in breaking my restraints, the strength in my legs sipping way. The feeling of him grinding in me. The orgasm approaching, closer and closer. The stimulation of his thumb. Feeling him inside. My feet on the table. My breathing nonfunctional. A loud moan turning into a scream when he pulled back his thumb just as the orgasm took over. My body shaking. Him still inside. His moaning as he filled me.
“What, what do you want this time for untying me” I said to him while we were still recovering. “Interesting question.” He said while he started to untie me. I was somewhat surprised. I sat upright on the table and watching him retrieve something from a drawer next to the door. “This is the key to the house. I expect you naked, kneeled and cuffed with your hands on your back next time you want to play.” He looked at me after saying it. How did he managed to do this. I already had the thought of the next encounter on my mind. “What if I don’t want to return.” I asked not managing to look serious. “Every day you don’t show up I will make it harder on you. Do you want to take that risk.” He told me as he grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. My mind was racing as I followed him into his lair. Did he really think I would show up as he had asked next time. Would I?