New at the office part one

chapter 1 the interview

“So you are applying for the job of trainee right?” I looked at the man in the suit on the other side of the table. “Yes I am” I answered uneasy. I was nervous, this was my first shot at getting a job after finishing my study and could make or break my career. “We are not a regular company you know, you might have noticed that from the add?” the man inquired while he kept his posture remaining totally emotionless. “Well yes, I read there were some specific requirements for the job” I tried to remain calm but my voice trembled. Frankly I had no clue on the requirements, I had randomly applied without reading the advertisement thoroughly. I did remember they had asked for three personal photos that seemed weird at the time but just had done as they had asked. “Requirements?” I asked. “You mean you just applied as the advertisement instructed without reading?” He inquired. “Uh I think so?” I said hesitantly. The man made some notes on a piece of paper, he nodded, it seemed positive. “When you entered, someone asked you to bring him coffee. Is it correct you fetched it for him?” he asked next. “Yes I did, it was just a question”. “Yes or no will suffice unless told otherwise am I clear.” “Yes”. “Yes who?” “Yes Sir” he nodded some more and made some more notes. “Are you a virgin miss Anderson?” “Say what?” “Answer the question” “No of course not” “Been with more than one man?” “But what does that have to do with…” “Answer the question” “Well yes, some” “How much” “Well I dunno, 5” “How about women” “Well No of course not, yes” “Is it no or yes?” “Well it was a threesome why am I telling you this?” “Didn’t you pay attention, don’t talk unless spoken to, are we clear?” “Yes Sir, sorry Sir” “Good, ever been a bit kinky” “Well, I don’t know what do you mean?” “Whips, belts, toys. That kind of thing miss Anderson.” “Well of course, a few times” “Was it nice?” “Yes” “Yes Who?” “Yes Sir it was” “How many toys you own, one, two three?” “Uhm…” “Well…..?” “Eight Sir” “Stand up, stand straight, turn around, sit down, good girl” “Thank you Sir”
I sat down my heart racing, I was sweating all over and I felt hot. Why did he ask all those questions and why did I even answer those. “Ok Miss Anderson, single, been with more than one man and doesn’t mind women. “ the man told me. “Wait, I never said I like to be with a wo…” “quiet! I did not say you could speak.” “Sorry Sir.” “Good, so you like to play around, wearing any underwear?” My jaw dropped. How did he dare ask if I wasn’t wearing anything. “That’s not correct I am wearing underwear… Sir” “Oh really now miss Anderson? I will make you a deal then. Take of your blouse and you will get the job on the spot right now guaranteed for the next half year, one year if you take of your skirt as well. I am just going to bet you don’t dare to do that miss Anderson.” He stood up, folded his arms and looked at me triumphantly . I looked at him in disbelief, did he really say that. “Well go on, or leave and don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out my dear. You can have the job now, guaranteed you have my word on that, or you leave.” I sat motionless for what seemed to be an eternity than I stood up. Unbuttoned my blouse and let it drop to the floor. Next I loosened my skirt and let it fall to the floor. There I stood before him, naked. I had no idea how he had guessed but he had guessed right. I liked the idea of being exposed in public but appreciated to be covered as well so I tended to leave my underwear at home. But how he knew, I had no idea. He looked at me with a smile, an evil smile. “Do I get the job now… Sir?” He was silent for a moment, I started to doubt, was this all one big ploy to make me strip? Finally he spoke to me. “You’re hired, sign here. Report on the job tomorrow. Don’t be late or there will be consequence. “ He handed me the contract and a pen. Completely baffled I signed the contract, still naked which I had completely forgotten until it was done and I realized what kind of view I had given him. He took the contract, ignored me and sat down. He looked up once more and said to me: “Now go, remember, don’t be late miss Anderson.”
Consequence, that word was still singing in my ears when I left. What did he mean by consequence? I walked on the pavement in the direction of the subway to bring me back home, I did feel happy, bright, accomplished maybe even euphoric. “Where are those two legs going I wonder?” I stopped when I heard the words and looked at a group of builders having their break. They were seizing me up and undressing with their eyes. “Depends on who is asking” I challenged them placing my hands on my hips. One of them stepped forward. “I didn’t. I am only interested in someone who got what it takes” he said, while he looked at me strongly. Somehow this stirred something inside me, something rebellious. I stepped forward and reached out with one hand to stroke his skin. With my other hand I grabbed one of his hands directed it between my legs until he touched something tender, something moist. “Well, do you think I got what it takes.” I said to him. I felt his hand hesitating for a second then his fingers moved , found and touched. I bit my lip but let him continue. His hands slowly stroked until he reached my clit and very, very slowly touched it. “I moved forward and whispered to him: “Quiet place, now and I will really prove it.” The words were out of my mouth before I realized what I just said. How did that happened, I had one night stands before but this bold, never. “Uh… after work?” he said surprised. “Too late!” I said laughing, let go and ran away not looking back.
I ran down into the subway, it filled with people hurrying to or from the train. I pressed myself through the crowd, my naked skin only separated by a tiny piece of fabric from the people surrounding me. I waited at the platform, the heat forming a layer over the crowd. I heard the train approaching, cool air being pushed in front of it until it stopped at the platform and I got in. I ended up in a corner facing the window, people pushing against me almost falling when the train started to move again. I looked around and noticed the guy behind me wasn’t bad looking at all. I gave him a smile and blinked with my eyes, just for a second. I noticed his reaction, giving me naughty looks. I turned, and bend slightly pushing my behind against him, following the movements of the train I grinded against him and not without effect. Soon I found his hands against my hips, slowly stroking me up and down. I changed my position and arched my back so he looked down on my directly into my blouse showing more than a little cleavage. His hands moved up, one hand finding the buttons of my blouse where it disappeared in the space between. “You’re not wearing much” he whispered when his hand found my bare breasts. “You ain’t seen nothing yet” I whispered back, grinding more against him. “Oh really” he whispered again, I now felt his other hand lifting my skirt stroking back and forth on the movement of the train until I sighed as he touched something. “Interesting….” He said. I grabbed his hand and pushed it against me more. He started to stroke me more intensely, his fingers getting wet from my already present juices. He pushed against me while the train moved as if he was taking me in public. I moaned a little when his fingers focussed on my clit, sliding over it fast, I buried my face in his neck. “You know, I got this place close by, I could take you there” he whispered. The train entered the station, the doors slid open and I stepped outside into the crowd. “Sorry!” I yelled and I was gone.

I walked home, confused, excited. What a day this had been. My new job would start tomorrow, after all the weirdness during the interview, what would my first day bring?



chapter 2 first day.

Nervously I walked from the subway station to the office which would be my new home. When the doors slid open to let me in, I stood still for a moment, took a deep breath and walked inside. I halted at the reception desk and notified the company about my presence. They let me wait while my new boss was coming down to pick me up. I looked around in the well decorated reception. I found a good new home here. They clearly had the funding to do things right. After a few minutes the elevator opened and there he was, walking directly towards me in a steady pace. “Hi… “ I wanted to greet him and was trying to remember what is name was again. Had he told me yesterday? I searched my mind frantically until I got interrupted by him. “Sir, Sir will do fine” he said and indicated me to follow. While the elevator brought us to the correct floor he handed me a gold chained necklace with a label on it. “This is to indicate you b… work for me. It will give you access to the areas you are allowed to go.” He told me while he let me put it around my neck. There was a short tickle which made me shiver as soon as it made contact with my skin. I felt tiny impulses and a sudden need to go to the bathroom. “No worries about that, it’s the security chip which gives a small voltage.” He explained and indeed I felt fine when the tingling subsided. The elevator stopped and the door opened, he let me to the door giving access to the rest of the floor and indicated me to walk up to it and get in. When I approached the entrance the light next to the door flashed green and it opened. It seemed the necklace worked fine. When I entered the department I would be working the first thing I noticed was the high percentage of women which made me feel good, I like a company which takes equal rights seriously, workwise that is, I grinned and thought back to certain other situations where equality is less desired, I suddenly felt tickling again as I remembered a certain night and noticed how it aroused me a lot. And I mean, it aroused me really a lot. I quickly changed my thoughts and the feeling subsided, get a grip of yourself flashed in my mind, my first day and already having wrong thoughts. My boss pointed me to my new desk where I started to read the employee starter program. The company was into all kinds of small electronic devices, ‘Smart Machinery’ they called it, amongst them the access system they used themselves which was state of the art, in fact it hadn’t been introduced to the market yet as they were still testing it out. I looked around and noticed how scantily clad most of the women were, short dresses and skirts, low slit dresses and tight shirts. The men however were quite the opposite. I didn’t notice any which wasn’t wearing a suit of some sort.
After a while my boss shoved a bunch of papers on my desk and told me to go file them in the archive. I got up and faithfully moved down to the floor where I was told the archives would be. The door slid open for me and I stepped in. The archives were semi dark giving it a bit of a creepy atmosphere and I walked alongside the cabinets following the numbering system to where I was supposed to file the documents. When I was done, I noticed a noise coming from further away. Not having much to do I decided to investigate and walked into the direction of the sounds I heard. It was some sort of repeating sound I could not quite place, a bit like clapping your hands but not quite like it. I noticed a light shining a bit further away, some sort of office or secure area. I walked over to it and peeked from the side through the window and my mouth fell open. Inside the office a woman was standing resting with her hands against the wall, her legs wide apart. She was completely naked and her back and behind looked red under the strong lights shining down from the ceiling. I noticed a man standing behind her swinging his arm, it took a moment for me to realize but then I saw what it was. He was holding a whip? I heard about people having sex at work but this was ridiculous. I focused my attention on the couple. He paused for a moment feeling her behind then his hand slid down between her legs. I could hear her moan at the other side of the window. Breathless I watched for a while. He stroked her, fondled her breasts then continued with the whip. As if I got pulled out of a dream I realized I was standing with my knees close together and breathing heavily. I felt something between my legs and realized I was highly excited and felt rather wet. I bit my lips while I tried to gather my senses; quickly I turned and ran away, my excitement subsiding rapidly. While I returned to my floor I calmed down and tried to understand what I just had seen, wow, just wow that they even dared to do something like that right there in the office!
During lunch I got to know some of my coworkers sitting at the same table. They were nice people although they made some kinky jokes I wasn’t used to in a workplace. When I looked around I noticed all the managers were eating in a separate part next to the cafeteria intended for the rest of the personnel. They always walked directly to a door where they disappeared leaving their respective assistants to get their food and follow them. It seemed a rather hierarchical company to say the least but what should I care, the pay was good, very good so I wasn’t complaining. I finished my lunch and went to explore the company, my attention got drawn by the gym I had read about and that became my first target to explore. Of course when I found it I wanted to use it as well. However I did not have anything with me to wear. This tuned out not to be a problem as the company had a stack of clothes available. I grabbed something in my size and noticed it was a very, very tight fit. It made me nervous but when I looked inside the room with training equipment I saw other girls train in similar clothes which calmed me down. I got into the changing room and took of my clothes noticing my panties were rather wet from my earlier experience. I decided it was best to just go without them as I did not want to create an awkward moment. I changed and opened the door to the training area where I looked around hesitantly. What should I do first? “Hey look who is here!” the cheery voice behind me startled me but when I turned around I recognized who it was. “Hi…”I said not knowing what to say as it was the guy I met in the subway and subsequently teased the day before. “First time here? I am the resident trainer and in charge of your well being and more importantly your training schedule, follow!” I followed him distracted by his cheery behavior and let him guide me through a tour of the fitness area followed by some training. I noticed how his eyes were on my body every second he could. Not that it annoyed me, he was cute and sometimes I bend or stretched just a little more than required. “Well back to work you” he said when we were done politely letting me go to the shower room. I liked how he kept some distance and not being all over me even though his eyes had been. He was hardly to blame for looking given the tight fit. When I arrived in the shower there was already another girl having a shower. I took the shower next to her and let the water wash away the sweat. I looked to the site and my mouth opened in shock as I noticed the red stripes on her behind and back. What the h…. went through my mind as I stared at her marks. “Something wrong” she asked. “I am sorry I noticed the uh.. well.. you know the marks on your back” I stuttered. “Yes I am sorry, I deserved it, my project was late and I should have done better.” She said without giving it much thought. “Your boss did this?” I said shocked. “Your new?” she answered in return and noticed the sudden change in her voice and stepped closer to me. I felt her hand on my side and did not how to react. “What are you doing” I managed to say while both her hands now were stroking me. “What do you think you are doing!” a sharp voice stopped her in her tracks and she stepped back. “Sorry miss, I didn’t know what I was doing.” Her tone of voice now sounded remarkably submissive. I turned my head into the direction of the sound and to the person the girl was responding to, I noticed a woman standing in the opening to the shower. “Now what do we have here…” the woman said while she approached me, the girl quickly leaving the shower. “Uh, well I am new here” I said to her, confused on her approach. She put one hand on the back of my head then let it move down until she grabbed my hear lightly pulling while her other hand started to touch me. “What do you think you’re doing?” I managed to say and wanted to step away. She pulled a lot harder now and touched my nipples. “Now this looks like really good material I must say.” She continued ignoring me. “Your mad!” I said and pulled away. “Come back!” she said authoritively but I ignored her and rushed out. I got a bit lost before I managed to find my desk again and was rather steaming. Who did that woman think she was! I thought. I was sitting down for less than a minute when got a message from my boss saying I had to report to him. I got up and walked over to his office ready to let him know what had happened to me. I entered the office and noticed the woman I had met earlier was there as well. “I received a complaint today which is a bit of a disappointment I must say this being your first day and all.” He told me bluntly. My jaw dropped and I looked at her. “But she touched me in the shower!” I said. “And that is all covered in your contract I am sure you read it, we follow new management principles of corporal punishment here, what you didn’t read?” I noticed the amused expression in his face. He looked like he had me in his trap, well that was just not going to happen. “I quit!” I yelled and walked out the office slamming the door behind me. I rushed home arriving as angry as I had left the office. I grabbed the contract I had signed to look for how to end it right here, right now, surely there must be a probation period or something. While I started to read I sat down, my mouth opening in shock. What have I signed? The thought repeated through my head as I read the contract, read the passages my boss had mentioned and the fact the contract was non revocable until one year had passed. I called a lawyer friend but he could only concur what I already knew, there was no way to get out of it and I would have to go back, for one year. I decided to seek out my boss the next and see how we could work this out, surely he could see my position?