New at the office

chapter 13 getting lucky

“I walked out of the room with Sandy’s eyes burning in my back. I felt triumphant and it showed in the way how I walked. Stark naked but I moved towards the door in a slender wiggling way as if I had no care in the world. When I turned on the shower and the hot water rained down on me I sighed. This had been an interesting experience with Hank. The water trickled down passing all the spots Hank had touched earlier. I bit my lip as I recalled the feeling of his fingers., how he had moved, the places he had found to play with. I noticed how I accidently pinched my nipples while I thought back to the events. I might have done more if I had been home but anyone could walk in here. “Mind if I join you?” I turned around and noticed Sandy standing in the entrance to the shower wearing just her corporate necklace. Speaking of the devil, indeed anyone could walk in here and she was the living proof. “ Sure go ahead” I said.
She positioned herself under the shower right next to me. Of all the ones she could have taken she decided to choose the one bringing her really close to my position. I let go of my nipples, somehow that had completely slipped my mind but I could see in her eyes that she had noticed I had been touching them to the point they were all hard now. She started to soap herself up while she looked at me, obviously looking for some sort of reaction. “Can you do my back please?” she said, handing me the soap and turning around. I looked at the soap, then at her. Did she really expect me to do this? I shrugged my shoulders, oh why the hell not and started to do her back. Unepectantly she stepped back and stood so close that my necklace touched her back. Soap dripped from her body onto my breasts. I felt a sudden tickle when we made contact this way. She turned to me and held me close, I could hear a tick when both our necklaces connected. Out of nowhere I felt a sudden weird urge.
“ Now it is your turn” she said and turned me around before I could say anything. The feeling subsided somewhat but was still there. I felt how her expert hands moved over my body. More and more time she spend on my nipples which responded rather eagerly to her touch. I took a deep breath when her hands moved down but at the last moment changed direction and ended on my hips, instead of somewhere else. “ Are you sure you are doing this the right way?” I said, panting. She turned me around and looked me in the eyes, our hangars touched again. “Maybe you should show me the right way.” She said in a low voice. I could feel her close to me, her breasts pushing against me. Was she serious? “What did Hank do to you?” she suddenly asked. Directing my mind to what he had done while I was tied up. His fingers deep inside me. I felt her warmth against me like he had held me. Her breathing as I had heard him breathe so close to me. She moaned. Why did she moan? I realized my fingers were between her legs stroking her clit. “Maybe like this.” I whispered still trying to grasp what the hell I was doing. I cried out when her fingers found my clit. “ So like this?” she asked while she grinded against me with her fingers, fast and strong. It took me precious moments before I could even manage to receive oxygen again. “Not… Not so fast” I mumbled. “ You mean you like it slower?” she whispered into my ears after she pushed me face first against the cold tiles.

“ Did he do this as well?” she asked as her fingers slit inside me touching every little spot waiting for attention. My arousal broke through the roof almost reaching orgasm but then she slowed down just in time to prevent it. “Maybe… Aaaah” my words were silenced by her fingers guiding my arousal until I shook in her arms. “ Please stop, please oh, oooh” I begged, moaned and cried as her fingers relentlessly battered my sensitive parts in ways nobody had done before. “ Come on, let go, do it again” she told me. “ I can’t. Too soon, I, No, I “ I screamed in her arms when I reached another mere minutes after my first. She let go and I slid on the shower floor. She reach down and held me. “ I hope you enjoyed the shower trainee.” She grinned. She got up and walked away.

When I went home I still felt aroused, slightly confused and sensitive from the earlier experiences in the gym. This corporation was really the weirdest place I had ever been. Every time I thought back of what happened in the shower, or before that I felt how I was getting excited again and decided it was better to switch to more innocent thoughts to get my mind of things. Maybe thinking on what would be for dinner? My eyes looked at the grocery shop I was passing. I noticed the cucumber, carrots, zucchini. Clearly cooking wasn`t the right subject. I passed a beauty shop and noticed the cans with deodorant, perfume and other things. Cans, big long cans. I hurried to get home faster, somehow everything around me was filled with evil things to direct my mind to impure thoughts.

All the way home I was pondering on what to wear and this continued after I got home and started ripping stuff out of closets in pursuit of evening wear. “Too exposed, not exposed enough, too girly, too kinky” I kept on throwing stuff on the bed not knowing what I would put on. I finally decided on a nice dress, not too short, not too long. So what next? Boots, heels, shoes. The floor next to the bed soon was covered in items. When I grabbed my shiny Greave knee boots I knew I had the right ones. Good stuff by a good brand. Lingerie was easy, black, no doubt about it. I looked at the clock. Late! I had to hurry unless I wanted to have him wait. I grinned and walked towards the window. I looked down to where his apartment was. I could see Hank scurry around in his apartment apparently removing mess and working on what appeared to be dinner. Now that was interesting to know, it seems that he was planning to stay home. “Plans mr Hank?” I told to the glass window while I kept looking at his movements. When the time approached I was supposed to be there he finished up and I noticed how he was taking a position on the balcony looking down. If only he would look up to my direction he would have a great view but he had clearly no idea. My hands trailed down the paths he had taken earlier. I could almost feel him touch me again but it was all imagination. I looked on the bed at all the clothes I was planning to wear, a naughty smile developed. Yes! That was what I was going to do.

When I walked towards his building I was sure to take the route which would be in full view of Hank above on the balcony. I had seen him from a distance already but kept my head down so he wouldn’t notice. I walked in a frivolous stance seeing many interesting things on the way to his apartment causes me to stop, deviate from the path and look. I hoped it would frustrate him a little seeing me so close but yet so far. At some point I pretended to drop something and stopped picking it up bowing deeply for him to see. I grinned when I entered the building out of the reach of his eyes. “ Hello?” his voice crackled through the intercom when I pressed the button. The door opened and I entered the elevator. It seemed to take ages before it finally reached the floor I needed to be on. By now I was very excited and couldn’t wait to be with him. The elevator doors slid open and there I stood into a hallway leading to the apartments. I walked around a corner and continued checking the doors until I found his. It was quiet here, very quiet. Perfect for what I was planning. I quickly made my move, hid something and then rang the doorbell.

“ Hi there… what?” I smiled at him while I heard his words trail away while he looked down. “ Well you did say you liked my outfit earlier today in the gym. “ You didn’t have boots when you were in the gym” he said grinning. “Are you going to leave me standing here?” I asked, my head tilting a little. “Never” he said and pulled me in quickly. He closed the door behind us. I ended up against the wall with him really close. “ Uhm…. Dinner?” I said but my words got muffled by his kiss. I shivered when his hands slid down my sides until the rested for a moment on my hips , he moved his hands back up further until they rested on my breasts. I felt his fingers locate my nipples, grab them and then, then he pinched them softly, then stronger. I moaned while he kept on the pressure. “Maybe skip dinner” I whispered when his lips released mine gasping with excitement. He didn’t wait and lifted me up carrying me all the way to the bedroom. When he arrived he let himself fall backwards such that I landed on top of him. Our security necklaces bounced together and I saw the lust rage in his eyes momentarily before lust overcame any coherent thought of my own. I moved down his body ripping his blouse open and biting any piece of exposed flesh I saw.

His pants were annoyingly hard to open and I almost growled while trying to defeat it. When it finally budged I looked at an impressive bulge in his pants. He was already helping to have those restricting clothes go away, probably to prevent any further damage. I heard him moan when I grabbed his hard and eager dick. My lips slid over the end down the ridge and onto the shaft fast while I took as much of him in me as I could. The arousal which had taken over my body wasn’t satisfied yet with the result and my fingers quickly found something dying for attention. “ Please, not so fast” he gasped but I wasn’t listening. I just wanted more, much more. He grabbed my hair and groaned loudly, his taste filled my mouth, my fingers frantically moving following the waves of excitement caused by his orgasm. I shivered still holding on to his dick while the waves of pleasure went haywire inside me. I looked up at him. “So what is after desert?” I asked sweetly.

He grabbed my arms and pulled me on the bed. His hands were on my clit and I laid down. He pulled my legs apart and his tongue made a trail down my stomach until “ Oh….” I moaned when his tongue reached my clit making circles around it. I grabbed his head and pushed him down, he was not going anywhere no matter what. I grabbed the sheets and arched my back as he send floods nerve overloading signals into my body. “ Don’t stop now, please don’t, please oh!” his tongue drove me over the edge and into a pool of endless pleasure until I landed back on earth.

“Maybe just make sure you are not going anywhere suddenly” he said and turned me on my stomach. He pulled my wrists and placed them on my back. I felt the cold metal of something slide over them. Cuffs? “Now on your knees” he whispered with a vibration in his voice. I screamed and bit into the sheets when he pushed his swollen member deep inside my wet pussy. He leaned forward while he pushed hard, back and forth I felt him use me. He pulled my hair hard lifting my head while he kept fucking me relentlessly. His nails in my skin, his shaft grinding my walls. I pulled the cuffs, he pushed me in the sheets. The excitement rising again. Again? Could it be, I moaned, bit, screamed. “Good girl” he gasped as he pushed in me one more time, shuddering, holding my hips.

“What has a girl to do to get dinner around here?” I finally managed to say.


chapter 14 tricked

Come on, faster!” he told me while I felt his dick deep inside me while I sat on his lap on the couch. His hands were on my hips and guided my movements making sure I took the full length of his shaft every time I lowered myself on him. I looked into his predatory eyes while he fucked me. The extra push he gave with every move, holding me down when he was completely inside me. I arched back pressing down without being told, just to feel him more. I moaned as he finished his thrust and paused again, his body grinding against my clit while he held position. My bound hands could almost touch his balls, the more I tried, the more I felt him inside on the edge of pleasure and pain. “Please, too much I can’t. No more.” I begged him. “Oh!” I exalted as his fingers were on my clit yet again. “Come on girl, you wanted to earn dinner, one more, then you can have some.” He grinned thrusting in yet again. Exhausted I fell in his arms when I finally gave my last orgasm. “Cuffs please?” I asked. “Uh uh… flight risk.” He shook his head while he pulled my head back at the hair and softly bit my nipples. I sighed when I felt the pain, the pleasure of his bite. Vaguely something deep inside wanted more but it was just too much, I felt every muscle ache and every touch seemed to be magnified tenfold. I pulled myself away and looked at him. “But how can I eat then?” I sulked. “Well I can feed you or you owe me more to get released. What will it be?” he told me with a rather evil smile. I looked down at his already hardening dick. Feeding would be fine for now. Just fine.

Where am I? Slowly feeling returned in my limbs as my brain reconnected to my body. Where have I been, what have I. Oh right, date. Then tired, then sleep. I opened my eyes and looked at the day starting outside through the open curtains, it all looked nice and sunny. A blue sky and hardly any clouds. Cuffs? Somehow Hank never removed those cuffs and I still had those on. I looked around, Hank? He wasn’t next to me in the bed. I got up and looked around. It felt silly walking alone in an apartment with your hands on your back. Carefully I checked all the rooms but he was nowhere to be found. My ears caught a new sound. Phone! It couldn’t be mine, I certainly hadn’t been dressed enough to carry one to say the least, besides I had left mine at home. Yet there was clearly the sound of a phone. I looked around until I found it right there in the bedroom faithfully ringing. ‘Hank’ it said on the display. Now how do you answer a phone with your hands behind your back. That wasn’t so easy so I just placed my knees on both sides and pushed the screen with my fingers extending as much as I could to have the phone answer. “Hi there!” the familiair voice of Hank greeted me. “Where are you Hank, you need to uncuff me.” I told him immediately. “Now now, slow down. First things first. Push the cam button on the phone.” He answered. I looked down on the phone. Cam? Wait a minute…. “You bloody pervert. I am not going to do that!” I bitched at him. “Ok, no problem I have to go now I think.” He said drily. “Ok ok, happy now?” I said annoyed. “Oh… yes.” I could vaguely see his dirty smile on the phone when I looked down. “Now get me out of this.” I pressed on. “Not yet. First a promise.” he replied. “Promise, what promise. Get me out!” I demanded. “Not until you promise to be on another date with me.” He answered. I almost exploded. What! He put me through all this to blackmail me into another date. Who does he think he is! Well… my thoughts drifted back to last night. On the bed, the couch. “Ok promise.” I quickly answered. “Good, I liked the outfit, don’t overdress. The key is on the kitchentable. Don’ t be late for work.” He hung up and I looked at the time. I cursed loudly. I would have to hurry to get freed, get my stuff and hurry back to my apartment to retrieve my work clothes.

Quickly I ran to the kitchen, got the key, released myself after some fiddling with the key, then I walked over to the front door and hesitated for a moment. I had been standing naked on the other side the day before but this felt a bit awkward. I took a deep breath and opened the door. Nobody. I listened for a while but there were no sounds. Ok that was good. Carefully I stepped outside and went over to the hiding place where I had put my dress. Empty! How the, what could, How did this happen? Behind me I heard a click of a door. “Shit!” I yelled loudly. The door had closed, I stood here naked with just my boots on. I bowed down some and felt inside the boots. At least my house key I had put in there was still in the same place. Now what. I could not call Hank so that wasn’t an option. Back to my apartment naked? Hardly an option as well unless I wanted to go run through the area between the buildings. Maybe I could somehow get down using the emergency exit and then through the bushes. That might be an option. I walked over to the side of the building and opened the door to the metal staircase attached to the site of the apartment building. Down below I could see people walk to their work or other destinations. I prayed nobody would look up. Behind me the door slammed shut. Great, it seems the building was actively working against me. I started to descend seizing the area below me for possible cover but little luck so far. I had however little choice now and continued down until I was a few meters from ground level.

Movement caught my eye. A garbage truck was approaching. I hid myself as much as I could and waited for it to pass. However it stopped directly below me. Oh my, how I managed to get myself in trouble! I looked down at the guys stepping out truck and walking to the back. They were messing with some sort of storage area albeit hardly in a hurry. They chatted for a while right below me before they continued. One of the guys hang his coat on the side of the truck and lingered while his mates were already inside. He grabbed his phone and messed with it. I silently grinned as I saw what he was doing. He had opened a website and flipped through images of naked girls. If only he had looked up, then he would have seen so much more then what he saw on his phone. Someone inside yelled, he reacted and followed his mates inside, presumably to grab garbage containers. Jacket. It suddenly dawned on me. I scanned the area around the truck. Nobody there. I hurried down the stairs, jumped the last part. Ran over to the truck, grabbed the coat and swung it around my body then walked away as if there was nothing the matter ignoring the occasional look of people passing me. They might wonder about my strange choice of attire but at least everything was covered.

Nervously I looked at the clock when I arrived at the office. I hoped that nobody would notice my arrival. Inconspicuously I walked into the direction of the elevator. “ Miss ANDERSON!” a sharp voice made me freeze in my steps. My bos seemed to have an uncanny nose for anything out of order. “ Yes Sir” I said hesitantly. “Your late miss Anderson. I guess you need to be thought a lesson again. Follow me.” He told me and closed the distance to the elevators. He didn’t say a word during our time on the way up. When it stopped I noticed it was on the same floor as the gym. In fact, he walked directly towards the location of the gym. Oh please, not again tied up in the gym I prayed. “Hank!” the Boss yelling his name made him appear almost out of nowhere. “Yes Sir?” Hank asked. “The trainee has a little trouble being late. She needs to be exercised for a week so she will on time in future. Two hours a day she is all yours. See to it.” He was already on his way out when Hank acknowledged his command.

“Hi” his words made me look at him. I could see the smile on his face. I looked at him as if I was trying to burn him down with my eyes. This was all his fault. “Well go on, get your outfit on. You heard the Boss. You are mine for a week. Let’s start.” I hurried to get into my training clothes. What was he having in store for me? The looks on his face gave little hope on an easy time.