New at the office

chapter 10 forbidden fruit

Reluctantly Miss Peterson stepped into the boss his office through the door I had opened for her. “You can go now” was all he said. I hurried away and wandered through the office. I didn’t want to sit behind my desk right now but also had little to do. I decided to go to the gym, working out would get my mind of things. ‘On other things’ a little voice in my head whispered and immediately the image of Hank popped up in my mind. A little tickle as arousal got stirred deep inside then quieted down again as people passed me on the way to the elevator. While the gym came closer with every story the elevator passed the thought of seeing Hank filled my mind a little more. When the doors finally opened I almost ran to the gym. Quickly I changed into a practice outfit and walked into the gym. There was nobody, no Hank, no Hank! A bit disappointed I started running on the treadmill and concentrated on improving my results. I started to feel the steps I made by a faint tickling in my feet. My leg muscles straining while they were in a continues motion. My breathing increased as I took more are to power my legs exchanging oxygen for water finding its way out of my skin to help cool me down. “Now aren’t we busy” the sudden voice made me skip a few heartbeats and I almost fell off the machine. “Hank! You asshole you startled me!” playfully I hit the guy who had sneaked up behind me unnoticed.

“Aha fighting mood I see, follow me!” he said cheerfully and pulled me towards the central area where there was what seemed to be a boxing ring. He climbed up and positioned himself in the middle. “Well, come over here. You dished out the first punch now I challenge you to a wrestling fight!” I looked at him. Yes he seemed to be serious, well if he wanted a fight he surely could have one. Like a leopard I jumped on the stage and approached him carefully. He smiled and gestured with his hand inviting me to take him on. I smiled and ran towards him. With an elegant move he grabbed my arm and swung me into the ropes. “Ok mister.. this means war” I whispered, while skulls appeared in my eyes. Somewhat more careful I approached him again. “Come on kitty, try it again” he teased me. He was so going to pay for this! I jumped him straight up meaning to push him against the ropes myself but he was stronger than I had anticipated. Foolish, I could have known he would have quite a lot of strength. We moved back and forth holding each other in a grip until he lifted my leg and I fell backwards landing with him on top of me. He quickly grabbed my wrists and pushed them down on the floor. “Giving up already kitty?” he asked grinning.

My knees sprang up and landed in his crotch. The grin on his face disappeared. I pushed him over and jumped on his back putting my arms around his neck. For what seemed like hours but must have been seconds he struggled while I prevented precious air from getting in. “Give it up big boy” I teased him back. “Ouch!” a hand yanked my hair and I let go. We ended up facing each other. “That was mean!” I yelled at him. “Who used the knee?” he returned. “Gloves are off!” I hissed at him. “Fine!” he growled back. We circled each other trying to grab a limb where we could. He caught me, I stamped one of his feet. He let go, I pushed him over against the rope and kicked him. He escaped a second kick and grabbed my leg. I yanked his hair and he let go. We circled again, we were both heating up, moisture dripping on the floor both breathing heavily. I felt enlightened. I had never fought this fierce and I liked it. He made another move, push, kick and then I landed on the floor as my feet suddenly were no longer keeping me upright. He landed on me, arms trying to gain control of arms. He used his weight to press down on me gaining control of the situation.
His lips hovered just above mine, so close, so very close. His scent overwhelmed my senses. He had never been this close. A sudden urge for more suddenly arose. I pushed up my head and his lips were on mine.

It felt like somewhere inside me floodgates of lust opened as if they had waited the entire fight for this single moment. I moaned as his tongue found mine. His left hand let go of my arm as he started to pull up part of my gymsuit. His warm hand making contact with the moist skin below. He slid down to my back and pulled my up somewhat as we kissed. My arm wrestled free and suddenly I found a bulge. An intriguing one. He stopped kissing and looked at me smiling. “Giving up yet kitty?” he said. My hand slid inside his pants until it folded around something very hard and hot. The look on his face changed all of a sudden when my hand stroked slowly up and down. “I think I have leverage” I whispered. “You think s…” his voice trailed away as my hand located a really sensitive spot. His eyes changed and I could see he filled up with longing. “We can’t” he mumbled hesitantly. “Yes we can” I whispered and stroked him some more. His lips returned and I felt how his hand started to explore my skin. My other hand found the edge of his shortpants and started to pull at it creating more space for my other hand as I felt more of him while I exposed his behind.

A little push and he lay on his back with me on top. While both of my hands rediscovered what I had found before his hands did some of exploring of their own. A sudden pull and I heard the fabric of my suit tear open revealing what was underneath to his eyes. I screamed somewhat when he shred my clothes just like that, but then I felt his hands on my breasts, my nipples caught between his fingers. My muscles spasmed overwhelmed by confusing signals his fingers caused to be send through my nervous system. I moaned and breathed heavily. “I think you need to shred a little bit more” is all I managed to say. “Why? You seem to be almost at the right height” he grinned. I looked up at him like a lion disturbed during its meal. “Careful what you wish for” I said while my head was already on its way down.

As my lips almost touched what I was longing for I vaguely heard footsteps. “And what are you two thinking you’re doing!” hastily we stood up, trying to rearrange our clothes as much as possible. “Uh, nothing miss Peterson, we were just doing a bit of wrestling practice.” I stammered looking at miss Peterson and Sandy who had entered the gym. I could see Sandy chuckle behind miss Peterson who let her eyes examine us both clearly not believing a word which had just been said. “Both not move a muscle… The boss needs to know this.” The way she said it made me really nervous. Found in a compromising position while just a few days new at work. I was in trouble. “Can I get changed?” I asked Sandy who was left to watch us. While she focused again on my partly exposed body she slowly shook her head.

I automatically covered my front when the door to the gym opened and he walked in. He had seen much of me already but in this particularly setting it felt much more exposed. “What is this supposed to mean.” His authoritive voice preceded him. “They were caught breaking the company rules Sir as you can clearly see.” Miss Peterson told him. “We didn’t mean to do this , and what ru….” His raised hand made my voice trail away. “It must be clear to anyway that use of company assets is not allowed without permission. Prepare her miss Peterson” he said. Company assets, what did he mean by company assets? Sandy and miss Peterson stopped my thoughts as retrieved me from the ring and dragged me to the side of the room where they tied me up face against the wall. I screamed in fear when Sandy suddenly ripped my training suit away leaving me completely naked and exposed. I pulled at the strings she had tied me with but it was of no use. The coldness of the wall creped through the skin of my breasts which were pressed against the wall. The lack of clothes made me feel lighter and more aware of everything around me. The sweat which had been dripping down before now evaporated into the air. What was he planning to do to me? I remembered some of the tools I had seen in his office. The muscles in my behind contracted by the thought of one of those things landing on it.

“So the trainee finds herself in trouble yet again doesn’t she? Why did you try to use company assets without permission?” I heard his voice speak up right behind me. Somehow I hadn’t heard him approach. “Me, Hank. I was only.” A slap of his bare hand made me shut up. “Clearly you had no permission, am I right?” he asked. “No Sir, I am Sorry Sir.” I answered, unsure what else to say. I felt something against my behind again. I embraced for pain, now he was going to punish me, I was sure. “Good! I will leave you here for one hour. I hope you will learn.” I heard him walk away with the others. The doors closed. It was dead quiet in the gym. One hour? They were leaving me here naked for one hour? But the whole building could walk in here! I looked around, suddenly all those windows seemed to be at street level, countless people could see me tied up if that was the case. Vaguely I heard sounds further away. People? I pulled at my restraints again rope grinding against me as I pulled, but they did not budge. Was someone coming? Please let it not be a whole group. Please!

Chapter 12 just like in the subway

I was very aware of my position. I looked around in the empty gym as if it was filled with people but there was nobody there. One hour I would be left here. One hour! A draft made me shiver or was it the thought to be here like this, naked and tied up against the wall? My heart missed a few beats when I heard a door. It opened and closed. Nervously I looked in the direction of the sound. “Hank?” his name passed my lips as soon as he appeared. I was surprised somehow. He had left with the others and did not expect him back. “Please Hank, can you untie me please?” I begged him hoping he would go against the boss’s wishes. “Sorry, can’t go against instruction, you should know that” he said. He stopped behind me. He stood there very close. So very close behind me.

Something inside me unlocked when he suddenly placed his hands on my naked hips and pushed against me. His lips resting against my neck. “You’re not wearing much” he whispered while his hands moved until they touched the base of my bare breasts. Eagerly my nipples hardened while I remembered a few days ago. A hot subway and someone standing behind me, it had been him and he stood behind me in the gym as he had done in the subway saying the exact same words. “You ain’t seen nothing yet” I whispered back grinding back against him. Wait, why was I doing this, someone could be here any minute. But that fear was already being silenced by another thought, a thought fed by feeling him against him. Something belonging to him pushed against my behind. I sighed.

“Oh really” he whispered again. I could feel a hand moving down towards my legs. I remembered how he had lifted my skirt in that subway. I suddenly breathed faster when he reached the inside of my thighs. “Interesting….” He said stroking slowly but keeping distance to something. Something which suddenly longed for those fingers moving so close by. “I could grab your hand if I wasn’t tied up.” I begged at him. He didn’t respond, his fingers closing in ever so slightly. “I could, but last time you disappeared in the crowd, remember.” He answered with a hint of amusement in his voice. “Please…” I suddenly moaned. “Please what?” he asked while his other hand stroked my breasts at the base. “Please more” I said losing my breath in a sudden surge of relentless lust being released.

I moaned when his fingers approached my sensitive parts closer than ever before. “Like this?” he asked. I didn’t answer just arched back against him so he had a better view. His fingers grabbed a nipple and started to squeeze it lightly while I felt him slowly stroking the tender skin around my clit. “Oh!” I said to nobody in particular. I forgot about the world, there were just his fingers while we were somewhere in a place outside this universe. “And then you disappeared in the crowd.” He grinned and suddenly stopped. I tried to push against him but his hands moved away. I bit my lip, my brain in a haze of arousal. “More” was all I managed to say. “Please give me more.” His hands were suddenly back, stroked me more intimately. I felt how they became wet with the juices finding their way out of my entrance. “Sure?” he asked while he stopped again. “Yes, more. Do it.” I yelled at him in a sudden stance of authority. My voice trained away and changed into moaning as his fingers were suddenly on my clit going fast, so fast, way too fast. “Please, slow down. Not so fast.” His fingers suddenly came to a dead stop as my body still got used to his tempo, my arousal going up then crashing down as its fuel was suddenly gone.

“More, give me more!” I urged. Slowly his fingers started again. Very, very slow. “I could…..” he started pausing his sentence. His fingers pinched a nipple again. I felt him press against my entrance. “I could, but maybe I want more…” he continued. His fingers slid inside when he said it. “I just moaned loudly, unable to talk as he pushed in and changed to a back and forth motion. My breathing went to the roof as he continued grinding against my inner walls. My arousal was at insane levels and I could hardly keep control of anything. If my arms weren’t tied up I would have fallen on my knees as the muscles in my legs were completely powerless. “Don’t stop, please Hank, don’t stop now” I urged when he paused yet again.

“Well I could, but that wouldn’t be fun” he teased as he moved slowly inside me. Way to slow. “Please Hank, more. Give me more. “ I begged him. “Well maybe I could, in exchange for a date?” he continued. “Say Wha.. aaah” I wanted to respond but it just ended in moaning and muttering as his fingers suddenly sped up again. Muscles tensioning up as arousal build. I could feel it growing, growing. “Don’t. Don’t stop” the words stumbled out of my mouth as he slowed down again. “So we have a date then?” he asked. “May… oh my…” my answer got buried in fingers pushing inside me hard. Teeth finding nipples to bite in. “But rules. Oh more… the rules?” I gasped. “Rules are at work sweetie. Not after work. “ he grinned. “Yes, yes date. Please.” I begged him when he stopped again. “Ok then. Don’t dress up too much, your current wear is fine” he said as is fingers slid over my clit, intense, faster. Don’t stop, don’t stop now was my only thought until my body exploded in his arms.

People. The door. There could be people any moment I suddenly realized while the orgasm subsided. “People Hank, people I don’t want them to find me like this” I said to him in fear. “No there won’t be.” Hank said. “How do you mea…. Ah!” I moaned as his fingers pushed inside me again. “The door is locked sweetie” he said but his words got lost in the chaos of my mind as it got ready for another explosion.

“I hope you learned from your lesson” Sandy said as she was removing my restraints. Her hands slid along my legs for a moment while she finished untying and I could see in her eyes what she was thinking. Hank was gone, he had opened the door mere minutes before Sandy had arrived to free me. “Yes I learned and will do better now” I said to her while I walked into the direction of the shower. “You seem to be rather happy for someone punished.” She said with a surprise tone in her voice. “It is just your imagination.” I responded to her as I left the gym heading for the shower. Just thinking about Hank and the date I had to have. This had been an interesting punishment indeed.