New at the office

chapter 3 Look before you leap

“What do you mean it can’t be changed, surely we can talk about it?” I almost yelled at my boss when he flat out rejected to reconsider my contract. I was starting to get really emotional. I knew I had signed it in a moment of euphoria and under pressure of not getting the job I wanted but they must see my point here! He looked at me and explained again. “You signed the contract willingly; you agreed to be a poss… to be in the company’s service. I don’t see any reason to change my mind.” He told me. “Yes, but…” I tried ready to give him a long debate on why he should give me a break and that it was the best thing to do but he interrupted me immediately. “Look miss, this is the contract, I am not going to change it. You can try to sue the company but do you really want to go that way? Be a good girl and do your work.” I looked at him then finally let my head hang and sighed. “Ok….”.
He got up and walked around me in a slow pace. My eyes followed him, he was a strong man, impressive and clearly not someone you could just walk over. I became a little nervous when he disappeared from my sight. He was very close to me, I could hear him breathe and maybe it was just my imagination but I was sure I could feel his warmth. I did not dare to turn around, he somehow had a hold over me and I kept my position. He stopped behind me and continued to talk about what was expected of employees and how important it was to keep your promises and abide by your contract. Then his voice changed to a darker tone. “Good that you decided to give up your resistance to our deal because there is the other matter of you leaving early yesterday without permission.
” A vague feeling entered my mind. What was going on? I left earlier, but I was upset, surely he realized why I left? His hand grabbed my neck from behind and pushed me down bend over on the desk. He used his other hand to grab a ruler and before I realized what he was intending a sharp pain flashed through my butt. “What are you doing!” I yelled to him. “Article 5 of your contact. If an employee fails to follow the contract the employer can apply a correction up to and not excluding corporal punishment. I am sure you read it?” before I could answer he continued to slap me with the ruler. I was unable to speak while I took the punishment trying to figure out in what kind of place I had ended up. He stopped and released me. “Go to work, don’t mess up again or it will be worse” he said while he left the office. I just sat there for a moment while I tried to figure out what to do. After a while I got up and walked back to my desk and continued my work. What else could I do? I felt furious, ready to just walk away and never return, but could I really do that? A contract breach on that scale might lead to financial consequences, a risk I did not want to take. There was also another reason to be interested in this particular company. I could not let her down now I had gotten to this point, I just had to go through with it no matter what.
I tried to work but I was still very distracted by the earlier events and just not able to concentrate. I decided that I needed a distraction to get my mind of what had happened and I knew just the thing. I got up and walked down to the fitness facilities. I choose one of the tight fits again which were stacked in the changing room and made my way into the fitness room looking for the trainer. “Hey there you are” a familiar voice behind me made me smile and I turned around. The hand of the resident trainer, his name was Hank I learned, guided me to one of the first apparatus and soon after that sweat was dripping down my back while I did running exercises. I noticed how he watched me again and quite frankly I couldn’t help to look at him. My body moved rhythmically on the music in the fitness room. I imagined how we would run through a forest passing the trees until we were tired of running and end up on the forest floor held up by the moss below. Birds singing in the trees while the little clothes we had on disappeared, the sun peeking through the foliage and lighten up our bodies. I felt how his hands touched my naked skin, caressing it while his lips touched it and gave me little kisses while he moved down. I looked up at the trees, the leaves above me shielding us from the air. I felt how his lips walked a path down my stomach. A light breeze tickled my skin, hardening my nipples, his kissing moving further and further downwards. Anticipation building, would he kiss me everywhere, what was he planning? I felt how his arms parted my legs, how his head moved further down, the thought of what he was going to do send spikes though my body.
Suddenly something shook up my thoughts and I looked into his eyes, I was back in the fitness room, gasping for breath my vision blurred for a moment. I held on to a metal bar while he kept me upright. I tried to gather what had happened. Where was the forest? Oh wait the fitness room. Reality started to sink in and then I felt the feeling in my body. I suddenly realized I somehow had gotten an orgasm in the middle of the fitness room. “Maybe you have enough training for today, you suddenly collapsed, do you sleep enough?” Hank asked with a worried tone in his voice. I nodded and he send me away to the shower room. I thanked him for holding me when I lost control and walked to the showers. My body welcomed the hot water streaming down, landing on my head and flowing down until it disappeared in the drain. My fingers played with the company necklace while I stood there for at least fifteen minutes. I dried myself and went back to my desk. I was glad company employees got time each day for keeping fit otherwise I would have been in trouble… again.
Back at my desk I studied the company’s products. Most of it seemed to be rather general stuff manufactured in China. I flipped through pages of products, none of it interesting stuff as if they just all bought it up and resold it. Then I remembered something I had seen in their annual report. I grabbed it and read it carefully. My eyes went over the financial figures and then my eyes fell on the research and development features. They were rather high for a company relying on off the shelf stuff. The only thing which didn’t seem a standard item was, my hands felt the cool metal. The security system! The system and its components must have been developed internally. I looked again at the numbers, they were high, very high. I grabbed the internal contact guide and checked for engineers and researchers. Indeed there were quite a lot of people working in the research department. I got up and walked to the wing where the researchers on the list were located located. I walked towards the bridge separating my building and could see the labs and other facilities through the windows giving a few of the other building. Here something interesting must be located. I walked over towards the door. A buzzer and a red light which seemed to be smiling me in the face made me lose my good mood. Damn security system! I walked back to my desk annoyed, now I only wanted to get into the other building even more. I needed to figure out a way to get access to that door which prevented me from going there.

I decided to put exploring on hold for a now so my behaviour would not be conspicuous and asked around to see if anyone needed a little bit of help with their work. In no time at all I was swamped with work doing filing and other administrative tasks. It felt good to do something useful after all the things I had experienced today. The office was already empty when I realized I had been working way past the scheduled time. I quickly got up and hurried to get my coat. I grabbed but dropped my purse. I kneeled down to grab it when I felt a hand on my shoulder which prevented me from getting up. “You make long hours.” I looked up and above me towered the silhouette of my boss. His hand prevented me from getting up, keeping me on my knees. “Yes Sir, I forgot the time” I muttered, afraid I would be in trouble again. “Good girl, I like it when my people work hard. “ he padded my head when he said it. He padded it! Although… it somehow felt nice, excited me slightly and when I realized it did, I felt a sudden increase in excitement making me wet and wanting. He let me go and walked away without looking back which was good as I needed a moment before I could get up again. What was wrong with me lately getting excited about the smallest things, it never had been like that. I got up and let his words go through my mind again, what had he said? Good girl the words went round and round in my hand. It felt nice. I smiled when I left the building, this morning I wanted to be away from this place, now I could not wait until the next day. I was already curious on what that day would bring.

Chapter 4 blending in

I left my house with a steady pace and a good mood. My first days at work had been difficult but now it seemed I was on my way to find my place. Last night’s compliments by my boss had done me well, I wanted to have more of that and today I would show him what kind of worker I was and maybe receive some more of those nice words. The wind blowing through the street stopped and peaked under my skirt. A slight stroke when it passed under me reminded me I was not only in a good, but also in a slightly naughty mood. I must have ‘forgotten’ to put on panties I reminded myself. Could not have possibly done it on purpose right? I grinned while I continued my walk, an occasional glance by someone from the male audience made me conscious again about my lack of attire and slightly jumped my excitement. The effect which followed I was ill prepared for, I had to stop and rest against the wall for a moment as inconspicuously as I possibly could. I breathed in and out in long controlled burst as I waited for the arousal which had quite suddenly spiked to subside. What had happened? This had never been like this before. My fingers played with the company security necklace while the arousal slowly ebbed away. Somewhere inside me I felt disappointed I hadn’t gone through, touched myself until I reached climax but could hardly do that in the middle of the street now could I?
I continued my walk and avoided to look at men to avoid any more embarrassing moments. I reached the subway I had to take to my office. I started to walk down the stairs realizing my skirt was really short and the stairs were very steep. Would someone looking up see anything? My left hand started to push down at the skirt to have it closer against me, just in case someone could indeed be looking up. I made it safely to the lower levels however and just in time to catch my train which was filled like a can of sardines. I ended up in a corner of the train pressed against a guy who was trying to look the other way but the train was just too full and we ended up staring at each other. His deep dark eyes were like a lake drowning me and his body pressed against me like a predator holding his innocent prey. I just couldn’t help to get ideas, fantasies, dreams about what we could do together. My blood started to race and I felt something begging, no screaming for attention. I tried not to let him notice and stare before me when his hand accidently touched mine. I let out a small sigh as my mind went rampant with the thought about what those hands could do to me. Grab me, turn me around and push me against the side of the train. Rip my blouse away so the buttons would spat against the window, pulling away my bra and exposing my bare breasts to anyone the train would pass. He would pull down my skirt and notice I did not wear anything below. His strong hands holding my hips and searching for what he wanted. I would moan while he touched me there, stroked then hear his pants fall to the ground and guide his member between my legs to… PSSSSS the doors of the train opened spilling out the passengers who pushed me forward until I halted against the wall. My body shivering from the orgasm I just had in the middle of the busy platform. The guy was gone, nobody noticed what just had happened to me. After a few minutes I started to walk to the office, I could feel wetness trickle down which I ignored. Something was happening to me, how did I get so aroused as of late? Had I eaten anything funny maybe? Would it just be the excitement of the new job, I couldn’t figure it out.
When I walked into the office I still could feel the wetness between my legs. I really hoped it didn’t show somehow and tried to keep a straight face, walk to my desk and start to work which I somehow managed. To distract myself I started to do my work as fast as I could and the pile of tasks I had managed to collect got quickly reduced out of existence. My boss passed a few times and nodded, giving small compliments when he saw how well I was doing. His words made me feel proud, feel good and I worked harder and harder just to grab a little more attention. Way faster than I ever imagined work was done and I spend a moment looking out of the window to a part of the building on the other side of a patio. Some movement in one of the offices caught my eye, the office looked a bit like a laboratory with the large tables and machinery on the side. It must be part of the research wing I realized and observed a female researcher busy with the equipment. A male researcher entered the room and the woman had him sit down in a chair facing a television. I started to wonder what was going on, curious as I was about what was going on there. The television started and I tried to see what was on the screen but from where I was sitting it was really hard to see. I walked over to a conference room which provided me with a slightly better view of the goings on but still could not make out what was on the television. I could see moving shapes but it was hard to see, it might be something historic as I noticed that it must be happening in a castle judging the walls, chains, dungeon? It must be some sort of media experiment I guessed. I stopped looking at the screen when I noticed the guy was no longer sitting still, in fact he seemed to be unbuttoning his labcoat. I gasped in surprise for a moment when I noticed he started to strip and touch himself. I looked at the female researcher. What! The woman had stripped naked while she was taking notes ,the clipboard had fallen on the ground and she was leaning against the wall, her lab coat open and her pants already stripped down. With open mouth I watched as she touched herself while getting rid of her lab coat altogether she walked over to the guy sitting in the chair and started to kiss him.
The man in the chair certainly wasn’t shy, one of his hands appeared between her legs and I could vaguely see them move inside her, oh my he was actually fingering a co-worker! I could see her butt move on the rhytm of his fingers, not only did she like it, she was riding on his fingers right before the open window. A sudden excitement awoke in my brain and I realized my fingers somehow ended up inside me as well just as he was doing to her. I wanted to stop, no I did not want to stop. My fingers started to move with the same speed as I could see the guy in the other room do to the girl, faster and faster while she started to rub his dick. I was almost glued to the window as I watched him reach out and grab her hair. My hands unbuttoning my blouse. People passing the room but I hardly registered. His hand pulling down her head and forcing her mouth on his dick. My fingers squeezing my nipples. Moisture dripping down my legs. Her legs wide open, his fingers moving back and forth. His head arching back, his mouth slightly open, I imagined his tongue while my fingers moved. Her head moving up and down, his hand holding her hair. I almost could feel his hand pulling mine. My nipples hurting in pleasure on the pincing of my fingers. Her body shuddering as he made her come. I could almost hear him moan while he filled her mouth. I silently screamed against the window the sides of my blouse falling to the side as I shivered against the glass my breasts pressed against the pane.
The two people were gone from the room when I opened my eyes again, still breathing heavily I realized I was half naked in a conference room without the door locked. I quickly rearranged my clothes and took a deep breath before I opened the door and returned to my desk. “You, in my office” the strong voice of my boss startled me. I looked at the open door leading to his office which suddenly seemed like a thousand miles away. I still could feel my clit throbbing from the earlier abuse. I felt warm, cold. Then I calmed down. Nobody had seen anything. I was fine. He probably just wanted to say a few things, nothing was wrong. Confidently I stepped into his office.
“Ah there you are. I see you are blending in well, it is time to get you some proper office attire. I got the standard trainee skirt right here. Let’s get you changed right away.”
I looked at him in shock. Right now? Right here? While I am not wearing panties and all wet? How to get myself out of this my mind panicked.